About Me


Hi! Welcome to Natural Hair Teens. I’m Mimi, an 18 year old Nigerian, natural hair blogger and student. I’m an adventurous extrovert who loves travelling, movie marathons, books and has a never ending stash of nutella.

How long have I been natural?

I’ve been natural for 2 years and 9 months though it feels way longer. I went natural after suffering massive breakage and decided to learn how to properly grow healthy hair.

My plan at that time was to keep off relaxers for a while until my hair grew to a satisfactory length. But I saw pictures of naturals with long and healthy hair, knew I could achieve it and gave up relaxers for good. Falling in love with my natural hair along the way sealed the deal.

My 4c hair on a humid day

My hair type and description:

I’m a 4c Natural. My hair is tightly coiled, springy and very dense. Shrinkage is very real for me. My hair also tends to tangle easily which is why I keep it stretched.

What is my blog about?

My blog provides encouragement and inspiration for all naturals because after going natural, I faced and understood the hardships it came with for young naturals like:

  • Negative comments.

  • Unavailable and expensive products for natural hair.

  • Salons that can handle our hair.

  • Student life and so many other things.

My blog contents:

You can find solutions to lots of natural hair problems, easy and gorgeous hairstyles , inspiration and lots more all over my blog.

To all my amazing readers:

Did you know you can also join in with other naturals? This isnt just a blog, it’s a community of naturals both teens and adults and your opinions, questions and concerns matter.

Feel free to reach out to me personally through any of these:

β—Ύ Email:


β—Ύ Social media:

Instagram | Twitter

I hope you’ll enjoy and be inspired by Natural Hair Teens as others have been.



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