About Mimi

Hi! Welcome to Natural Hair Teens now known as LushFro. I’m Mimi, a Nigerian natural hair, beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger.

Thanks to you we’ve grown bigger & better! Make sure you check out the new & improved blog http://www.lushfro.wordpress.com

Why you should check it out now:

  • Lots of amazing hair feature options you can choose to join in.
  • Gorgeous hairstyles & hair inspiration & more every week.
  • Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle have been added to give you the best experience ever!

How long have I been natural?

I’ve been natural for 4 years now. You can keep up with my hair journey on LushFro.

My hair type and description:

I’m a 4c Natural. My hair is tightly coiled, springy and very dense.

What is my blog about?

While I’ve expanded, I’ve decided to keep the natural hair teens blog because it provides encouragement and inspiration for young naturals especially. I too was once a teen who had just discovered the world of natural hair so I understand the problems teenagers with natural hair face like

  • Negative comments.

  • Unavailable and expensive for natural hair.

  • Salons that can’t handle our hair.

  • Student life and so many other things.

What will you find on Natural Hair Teens?

Natural hair care, Hairstyles, inspiration, hair recipes and my hair journey.

Feel free to reach out to me personally through any of these:



Social media:









Love, Mimi.


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