5 Ways To Style Your Head Wraps

Head wraps are for more than bad hair days, here are different chic ways to wear them.


*This post has been updated.

Hi beauties! Have you worn a head wrap before? Head wraps are beautiful accessories that aren’t just handy for bad natural hair days. They’re stylish and very versatile.

They’re so many ways to wear them and lots of tutorials all over the web on different styles.

All you need is a scarf of your choice. You can use uniquely designed and printed scarves, multi colored scarfs, whatever you like really.

You can match them with your outfit or just make them stand alone as a statement.

Head wraps can transform any outfit they go with and make you stand out and look unique.

No matter how you choose to wear them, head wraps will always remain beautiful and a big part of black culture. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagramso I can see your beautiful head wraps if you do try them.


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