The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Essential Curly Natural Hair Products

The only guide you’ll need for buying the right products and tools for your natural hair.


Are you a new natural, transitioning, a product junkie or do you just want to know the essential products and tools you need as a person with naturally curly hair?

No matter your reasons, I’ve decided to create a simple guide for curly natural hair products and tools that doesn’t include unnecessary products so we can keep things simple.

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Basic natural hair products

1) A shampoo

2) A regular conditioner

3) A deep conditioner

3) A leave in conditioner or moisturizer

Note: The difference is that a product called a leave in conditioner is usually water based and a product called a moisturizer is usually cream based.

4) An oil

If you’d like to expand your stash

1) A styling product e.g a hair gel or styling cream.

2) A versatile or multi purpose hair product e.g Aloe vera gel.

3) More…

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