When The Tough Gets Going


Hi beautiful! I know that this post might seem out of context since this is a hair blog but I just had to share this with you.

You know when everything isn’t going right and it seems like nothing worse can happen but then something does? I’ve been there too a lot. It’s not just restricted to makeup, hair, etc but to life as a whole.

Everything might seem like a train wreck sometimes but that’s okay, you’re human, life can decide to be bitchy at times. It might not seem like it but I know you’ll pull through. You have before which is why you’re here reading this now and if it happens again, you’ll get through it. Maybe you might not come out whole but you will.

Bad days in general like bad hair days happen. It’s alright to be frustrated or want to give in. But no matter how tough it gets, it’ll pass one day. It might take a while but it will.

I remind myself that of who I am, petty like this, etc

Remind yourself of who you are. I’m sassy, petty, annoying and more and I do not allow myself to get beaten by whatever situation I’m in. I might have a melt down, become a recluse but then I remind myself of who I am even though I don’t feel like myself at that time.

That doesn’t mean that I’ll immediately put on my badass outfits and get on with it. It may take a while but you’ll realize that you’ve got to get your ass moving past this even if there’s still baggage attached to that ass. It’s alright, you can handle it.

So keep slaying, don’t stay down, you’ll fall but getting up even after staying down for a while is what truly matters.

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Have a great day!


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