4 Night Time Hair Tips To Prevent Ruined Hairstyles

Natural hair journey summarized

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Happy new month! I’m sure you can definitely relate to that meme above. Have you ever had your hair on point only to wake up with your hairstyle ruined? I’ve been there too and I’ve learned some tips for sleeping with your natural hair that help you start this new month right.

1) Moisturize and seal your hair before you sleep:

This will ensure that you wake up without dry hair and don’t suffer from breakage during the night. Your hair will feel supple and soft.

You can moisturize with water or a leave in conditioner and seal with an oil (e.g olive oil) or hair butter (e.g Shea butter).

2) Secure your hair:

If your hair is loose like a fro, wash and go , braid out or twist out, secure it by doing either of these;

  • Loose twists or braids.

  • Pineappling your hair.

  • Putting your hair in a bun.

In the morning, you’ll just take down your hair and arrange it back to the way it was without ending up with a ruined hairstyle.

3) Sleep with a satin scarf, pillowcase or bonnet:

This is a great way to avoid breakage and loss of moisture during the night due to cotton pillowcases. You can also use silk instead of satin if you wish.

4) If you hair is in a bun or an updo, lay down your edges:

If your hair is in a bun or updo, just spray your leave in, apply your styling product and use a scarf to lay down your edges at night. You’ll wake up without having to do anything further to your hair.

You can use this simple curling pudding recipe or a gel if you don’t have a styling product.

I hope my humble tips will help you especially in your hair journey as much as they’ve helped me. I usually style my hair in a bun after moisturizing it and go to bed. In the morning I just adjust it to my liking and go about my day being productive reading in bed πŸ™‚

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How do you prepare your hair to sleep?


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