Updated: 11 Ways The Humidity Affects My Hair And How I Deal With Them


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The picture above shows the results of a braid out I did after a few hours, shrinkage is real ladies. As the humidity has been getting higher recently, my hair care had to make a U-Turn.

I had to adjust most of my routines and I’ve noticed not all naturals do that…well I didn’t adjust till my hair was screaming “adjust!!” so I’m not judging. I learned some things the hard way which I’m going to share with you.

1) It’s very possible for your hair to become over moisturized:

I was still moisturizing frequently with a leave in containing humectants which kept on drawing moisture from the atmosphere since the humidity was high and my hair always felt damp.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong but I finally solved the problem by doing a protein treatment and I stopped using that leave in.

2) Puffs and the humidity are bad combinations:

I learnt this early, my puffs shrunk so quickly so I just stopped doing them. Instead, I do buns because they last longer.

3) No more bagging:

Bagging means applying a leave in and wearing a shower cap for a period of time (usually overnight). It’s also called moisture deep conditioning because it adds moisture to dry hair. I stopped doing this because it also led to over moisturized hair.


This meme says it all. This meme says it all. This meme says it all.

4) Blow drying on rainy or cloudy days is not worth it:

The weather here in Nigeria is very tricky right now because sunny days turn to heavily raining days quickly because we are in the raining season. So basically, blow dried hair doesn’t last at all for me.

If I blow dry my hair, I’ll leave it in braids till whenever I’m ready to style my hair because braids keep my hair stretched.

5) Washing on rainy/cloudy days is a no:

My hair takes like a day to fully air dry in braids and washing on a day when the humidity is really high just makes the drying time longer.

6) I don’t need to deep condition for a long period of time:

Deep conditioning for just 10-15 minutes works as well as 30 minutes and my hair doesn’t end up being over moisturized.

7) The weather determines my hairstyles:

Braid outs are for days when the weather is really good. If the day I’m supposed to take down the braids for the braid out is a rainy day, I’ll leave the braids in and wait till the next day.

I’ve discovered that buns are just the way to go. I do them all, high buns, low buns, tuck and pin buns, etc.

8) Using oils/shea butter as a protectant against humidity doesn’t work as well as mineral oil and petroleum based products:

Some naturals might hate them but I love them and I’ve never experienced them clogging my scalp or follicles. A little goes a long way.

They work far better than Shea butter (I love Shea butter so I know what I’m saying) to prevent moisture and the humidity from ruining my hairstyles.

9) I no longer use water based leave ins:

I prefer creamy oil based moisturizers with more oil based ingredients than water.

10) Frizz is real:

I’ve been through the whole ordeal of wild, rough and frizzy hair and it’s not nice. Coconut oil has become a staple product for me now.

11) Sometimes you just have to say ‘what the hell’ and rock the shrinkage:

Some days, you just can’t fight with your hair. Rock that fro ladies.

There are lots more but the main thing is to always listen to your hair. Your hair might not love the same routine, product or technique it loved before. Don’t be afraid to gradually adjust and change up your routines, the journey is all about trial and error.

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How do you deal with your hair and the humidity?


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