An Inspiring Hair Story For Curly Natural Girls



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We’ve got something special for you today. You remember the feature series we launched this month? Inspirational hair stories are included and I was so happy when someone decided to share theirs here with us.

We respect her wish to remain anonymous and it doesn’t take away anything from her inspiring natural hair story. I hope you enjoy it and be inspired as I was.

Here’s her curly hair story:

It was a sunny day and I was happy. Really happy. But nervous. Really nervous. What I had just seen on Youtube, really did shock me.

I was surfing for updos when I realized that none of them would do for my hair. I searched, ” curly hairstyles”, and for the first time in my life, I did acknowledge the fact that my hair was curly. And not wavy or straight.

I was completely shocked. I saw girls who took care of their curly hair and it was frizz-free!

“frizz-freee???! nah, my hair would NEVER EVER look like that.”

I stumbled across a Youtube channel, and clicked on a video, entitled “How to recover from heat/chemical damage”.

This was when I heard about “damaged” hair. As the video moved on, hope increased in my veins and I could not believe what she was saying.

Suddenly, I fell silent. I immediately closed the video down.

” Chop my hair???????!, my long hair??!”

With a very heavy heart, I had the big chop on the same day. It was one of the most difficult decisions I had ever done!


And that’s where my journey began. My hard, irritating, annoying yet wonderful journey, that made me, me.

I am proud of having done the big chop, and now a year later, I want to thank everyone for making me love myself, because regardless of how everybody else looks, you are the person that matters.
Because the word “same” is boring. Extremely boring.
I honestly cannot believe it. I am sitting here, on my desk with my mane, that even though it’s frizzy, and all tangled, I still love it to bits.

However my journey does not finish here. I still have a very long way to reach, and this was just the beginning.


I am sure there are sooo many teens or adults out there, who are scared of showing their true self because of judgement of others, because most of us live in a ” straight” hair dominant community.

I too, have experienced, many, many, insults and horrible jokes by students at school, but at the end of the day, what matters, is you.

I still remember those days, when I wished I had straight silky hair just like everyone. Feeling different and excluded. Feeling horrible and helpless.

Trying to straight those curls down, by combing them. I do not even have count of how many brushes I have broken down because of that. And I still remember them, but only as a distant memory.

Regardless of what I thought and looked like before, what matters is me, NOW.

This is who I am, and I LOVE MYSELF JUST THE WAY I AM. Nobody has the right to make you feel inferior in any way. Any way. You are perfect the way you are and you are beautiful. Remember that.

So anyone, do not get scared of going natural, because it is a wonderful and brilliant experience where you learn, share and make new friends.

To all those who have helped me, thank you sooo much and I love you.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Most naturals pass through similar struggles everyday and accepting your hair and taking a stand takes bravery. As she said, you are perfect. Don’t let society dictate your life and choices.

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What challenges do you face as a natural?


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