4 Ways To Stop Shrinkage When Detangling Your Natural Hair


What do you do when you have to detangle your natural hair but don’t want to deal with shrinkage? This isn’t a major problem on wash days but it’s a major problem on the normal days when you just have to detangle your hair.

I’ve been there so here are 5 ways to deal with shrinkage when detangling your natural hair.

1) Dry detangle:

This simply means detangling without water based products. You can dry detangle with an oil, hair butter like Shea butter or an oil based leave in. They will provide you with great slip for easier detangling and no shrinkage.

2) If you can’t dry detangle, apply water after applying an oil.

Some naturals who don’t entirely like dry detangling have found that applying water or a water based leave in after applying an oil makes their detangling easier because the oil acts as a barrier to prevent the water from causing shrinkage.

3) Avoid products with humectants:

Humectants include honey, aloe vera and glycerin. They attract moisture especially when the humidity is high which will cause shrinkage.

4) Twist up each section after detangling:

When you are done with each section, twist it up, it’ll keep your hair stretched. When you are done with all the sections, take down all the twists and style your hair as you like.

How I detangle my hair without experiencing shrinkage

I divide my hair into 4 sections, apply an oil, detangle with my wide tooth comb and twist each one up. When I’m done, I take them down and style my hair usually in a bun.

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How do you detangle your hair?


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