My Response To: You’re Not Natural For Wearing A Weave And Bold Colors



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I finally got a weave! The last time I got one was in 2014. Throughout this year, I’ve been wearing my hair out. I decided to do a protective style and settled on getting a weave.

A weave means no manipulation to my hair and also my hair will have time to rest from all the exposure.

Preparation before getting the weave

I did a protein treatment, moisturized with coconut oil and stretched my hair with braids.

The next day

Off to the salon I went to select a weave. I settled on a black and gold weave and I used two packs.


I have no shame in saying that as much as I love my 4c hair, I’m glad I won’t have to deal with it for a while.

While wearing this weave, I’ve gotten different reactions. Here are two and my response to them.

To those who feel that I’m not natural for wearing a weave

I’m not hiding my hair behind a weave, I’m proud of my hair and I’m proud that I’ve gained the confidence to overcome doing that long ago.

I’m wearing a weave because I want to wear a damn weave and it looks amazing. You can’t make me feel guilty because I’m perfectly comfortable with
my choices.

To those who feel that I shouldn’t be wearing bold colors because I’m a black girl

My skin color will never stop me from doing what I want to do and wearing what I want to wear. You can’t put a limit on black girls. We’re bold, confident, proud and loving it.


I’m gonna rock and strut with this weave, flip it in the face of haters while making you choke on your miserable insecurities.

Word of advice to all my wonderful readers

Wear your box braids, Marley hair, Senegalese twists, weaves and wigs for your own pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with venturing outside your natural hair texture or color.

Most importantly, don’t let the opinions of others define your life and hold you back. Keep slaying queens!

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What is your favorite protective style?


16 thoughts on “My Response To: You’re Not Natural For Wearing A Weave And Bold Colors

  1. imade. says:

    Why are some people always looking to bring others down??? Smh. Pls you look beautiful & as you said, there’s nothing wrong with trying new things once in a while as long as you love your own hair which you clearly do! Still shocked at the negativity of some people 🙄

    Liked by 1 person

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