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Hair Update And Length Check


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Happy new month! I’m so excited to share this with you. Thank you so much for all the fun we had last month and for sticking with me while I was preparing our new natural hair feature series. It’s a must see for everyone.

You might have seen this picture in the truth about my hair regimen where I explained more on my hair regimen and told you that I finally blow dried my hair but I wanted to use this picture as my official length check. It was taken in July.

I deliberately haven’t done an actual length check on my 4c natural hair this year because I didn’t want to be obsessed with ways to get my hair longer.

Instead I’ve been watching the growth progress of my hair by the volume of my hairstyles usually buns and braid outs. Simply put, my buns and braid outs have gotten a lot bigger.

Imagine my surprise when I was blow drying my hair and saw that length.

Current hair stats


Hair type and description:

I have 4c hair. It’s very coily and springy. It feels coarse, it’s very dense and sometimes frustrating. Loves moisture and tangles a lot around itself.

How long have I been natural?

In the length check picture, my hair is 2 years and 8 months old. My third nappyversary will be on November 9th, 2016.

Hair length:

I have no idea since I didn’t measure it the usual way, I just wanted a picture of my hair when stretched. But I think it’s somewhere between bra length & mid back length.

Most used products:

Coconut oil.

Shea butter.

Organics hair mayonnaise by Africa’s best.

Black soap.

Current hair regimen:

I just leave my hair in braids till I have to go out then I’ll put my hair in any type of bun I like.

You can see more about my hair regimen in these posts

All About My Lazy Natural Hair Routine

The Truth About My Hair Regimen

Favorite hairstyles:

I love doing buns and braid outs.

Hair goal:

Waist length by the end of the year.

For now, I’m alright with just going with the flow in my hair journey. I’ve learnt so much and I’m still learning. Sometimes I wish I’d gone natural a lot earlier but I’m just glad I am now.

Don’t forget to use the hash tag #glamnaturalfriday on instagram or send me a DM @theglamnatural to show off your hair and be featured here on Fridays as a glam natural.

How has your hair journey been so far?

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