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Two Great New Series: Get Featured And Contribute To NHT

Show off your natural hair like me
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Do you know you are not just a reader but an essential part of this community? Two new series have been launched just for you and there are so many things to choose from in either series!

β—ΎGet Featured Series

We’d love to have you featured and showing off your gorgeous natural hair because every hair type is beautiful. Our feature series include;

Glam natural Fridays.

Hair icons.

New naturals.

Your hair story.

See all about our feature series

β—ΎContribute To NHT Series

The great thing about this series is that you can also share non hair related content as well as hair related content. Our contribution series include;

Non hair related content like articles and videos on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more.

Hair related content like tutorials, articles, hairstyles, videos, Q and A, what you would like to see and more.

See all about our contribution series.

To get featured as a glam natural on Fridays :

Use the hash tag #glamnaturalfriday on instagram or send us a picture of your hair any day of the week.

For everything else:

Just send an email to and tell us what you want to share with us and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Thanks in advance for making the right choice and deciding to join in!

What would you like to see more of on this blog?

15 thoughts on “Two Great New Series: Get Featured And Contribute To NHT”

    1. Thanks Nimi! 😊 would you like to be featured? You’re one of the few young natural hair bloggers around and It would mean a lot if you decide to, thanks!


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