My hair journey

The Truth About My Lazy Hair Regimen


This is my current hair length! This picture was taken 3 weeks ago when I was blow drying my hair.

A few days later, I blogged about My Lazy Hair Routine For The Past Weeks That Works which was basically doing simple braids, leaving my hair alone and wearing buns on the rare days when I had to go out. As a natural hair teen, it worked fine for me.

I never claimed that it was perfect, grew my hair 50 inches or changed my curl pattern.

It was simply a lazy routine cycle that worked for Me. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I am a self proclaimed lazy natural and I’m not big on hair regimens.

I write a lot of topics that are invaluable for other busy/lazy naturals like me. Some are:

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And lots more.

In My Lazy Hair Routine , I talked about the 3 hair products that I found myself using repeatedly:

Coconut oil.

Shea butter.

Organics hair mayonnaise by Africa’s best (mostly on my ends).

I told you how I rarely moisturised and still survived with my hair intact. I told you how dryness became an issue at one point, how I took care of it and how I avoided breakage.

I also said that I’ll answer the question “Was this routine a good or bad phase for my hair?” in another post. This is it.

This meme sums up my natural hair journey

The good things that happened from leaving my hair alone

1) I haven’t detangled since my last wash day. Did you notice that? I didn’t need to since my hair was mostly in braids.

2) I have lots of new growth. They are so springy!

3) My ends were less exposed.

4) My hair took a big break to rest and recuperate from My Braid Out Marathons

5) I didn’t suffer from breakage thanks to my organics hair mayonnaise.

6) My hair remained stretched.

7) I spent more time reading and didn’t have to worry about things like planning hairstyles in advance.

The not so good things that happened from leaving my hair alone

1) I ignored moisturizing so my hair got dry and I felt guilty sometimes.

2) …???

I honestly can’t think of anything else πŸ™‚

My hair after taking down 4 braids

Why didn’t I suffer massive breakage?

I made sure my hair was thoroughly detangled on that wash day before I started the braids and leaving my hair alone routine. The braids kept my hair from getting tangled again which meant less breakage for me.

Also, the hair mayonnaise is a light protein treatment and also contains water which is why I love putting it on my ends especially.

It was my lazy moisturizer and breakage insurance.

The truth about this post:

This routine was just my hair laziness in writing. It isn’t a defined or strict routine. It’s not set in stone. It’s a random routine with two main recurring themes; braids and leaving my hair alone.

Do I regret going with this crazy routine?

No, I don’t. I have done worse.

Does this mean you should ignore your hair?

Despite my lazy natural hair routines, I take care to make sure that my hair remains healthy.

So if I notice that anything I am doing or not doing to my hair is causing damage, I will stop it immediately. I hate breakage, limp hair etc.

If it works for you, go for it. If it doesn’t, stick with what works for you. Every hair is different.

I tackled problems like this in my post Are You Tired Of Hair Regimens Or Can’t Nail Down One? so if you’re facing a regimen problem, do check it out. It’ll help you out greatly.

And yes, the part two of that post is on the way :). I know a lot of readers enjoyed that posts because I covered a lot of categories that you might fit into.

I’ve been honest about my crazy hair routine and I’d love to know yours, normal or crazy!

What is your hair routine?