Why I Love Braid Outs As A Lazy Natural


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If you’ve been reading my blog posts regularly, you’ll know how much I love braid outs. They are simply gorgeous.

You’ll also know that I’m a busy lazy natural 😂 who loves easy hairstyles I can do on the go. Braid outs are one of those easy hairstyles that fit my lifestyle.

Aside from looking great, braid outs also do one very important thing. They keep my hair stretched.


Me wearing a braid out indoors

Me wearing a braid out indoors Me wearing a braid out indoors Me wearing a braid out indoors Me wearing a braid out indoors

It’s been raining heavily where I live for a while so the humidity is really high.

The advantage of the high humidity however is that my hair stays moisturized for long without me moisturizing it frequently. I usually just apply coconut oil and Shea Butter.

Braid outs help to keep my hair stretched despite the humidity. I have 4c hair and shrinkage is real where moisture is concerned. For more on my hair and humidity, 11 lessons I’ve learned from the humidity shows all my experiences on the different ways the humidity affects my hair.


If you’re having the problem of dry hair despite the humidity where you are, see these best tips for overcoming dry hair.

Humidity aside, I find nothing in wrong with me wearing a braid out at home. It feels comfortable and natural like the way wash and gos might feel for some.

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What is your favorite hairstyle for busy days?


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