My hair journey

All About My Lazy Natural Hair Routine

Strangely true

That meme just described my life this past weeks. Cold been dey catch me jare. And my love of drinking and having my bath with cold water made it worse.Β 

Naturally, my hair care was chilling in the background because I didn’t pay it much attention so last 2 weeks or so, I decided to give it a little TLC.

Besides, I hate much breakage (see My 10 Dry Hair And Breakage Tips) and detangling so I had to do something before my hair decided to undertake a rebellion.

My hair routine has basically been a cycle of braids, leaving it alone and rare buns when it I have to go out.

KTC coconut oil
Organics hair mayonnaise

I restocked these in my Product Haul .

The only hair products that I’ve been using for a while since all this started are Coconut oil, Organics hair mayonnaise and sometimes Shea butter for my ends. I also used them on that wash day.

That wash day was simple.


I applied the last of my Emily millionaire coconut oil and herbs, divided my hair into 4 sections and detangled with a wide tooth comb.

Dudu osun black soap


I washed twice using my black soap



I applied organics hair mayonnaise for about 10 minutes.



I didn’t towel dry my hair that day. I just shook off the excess water and allowed my hair to enjoy the moisture. I applied KTC coconut oil and my shea butter to seal in the moisture.

The end result was a shrunken wash and go look which I enjoyed for the rest of the day. Later that night, I put my hair in 4 loose braids to sleep.

Some days later (For my ends sake):

Took down the braids, applied more coconut oil then some hair mayonnaise on my ends and redid them.

Last Monday (Had to do something about it):

Had to go out with mum and my lil sis so I did a Low Bun. I applied a lot of coconut oil, combed out my hair & put it in the low bun.

When I came back, I braided up the bun.

Before we go on:

My hair was so dry that Monday. If you’ve been following, you’ll notice that I haven’t actually moisturized my hair since the last wash day. I haven’t made a new diy leave in and let’s face the truth I was lazy.

I had to do something about it sooner or later.

Braided ponytail on Monday after moisturizing

This Monday (Amen to moisturizing):

Finally, I did it.

Right before having my bath, I took down the braid, applied water to my hair (instant shrinkage rolls eyes), then some hair mayonnaise, coconut oil and finally shea butter.

Then I put my hair in a high ponytail and braided it up.

Tuesday (Still damp):

Hair was still damp so I decided to do 4 braids instead to speed up the drying process.

One blow dried section, the other 3 sections are still in braids

Saturday (Blow drying):

Yes! I finally said to hell with it, I’m gonna do this cause all this new growth just love their natural springy state and refuse to be stretched by my braids so I brought out my dear friend the blow dryer and went at it one braid at a time after applying Shea butter generously.

I braided each up when I was done and applied some more Shea butter on my ends.

Perfect meme

Sunday (Rain!):

It’s really painful when the rain decides to fall after you’ve planned your hairstyle. I mean I did a big bun for church like this bunΒ  and it started drizzling before we left the house.

The humidity ruined my bun. It’s a wonder it was still up there after church.

When I took down the bun, my hair was shrunken again. I decided not to get frustrated and braided it up.

But all in all, I was so happy with my hair after blow drying because seeing my hair length made me excited and made all the frustration worth it.

I talk more about the humidity and my hair in 11 Lessons I’ve learned From The Humidity


On some other days I can’t remember, I applied the hair mayonnaise to the end of my hair when in braids.

Was this routine a good or bad phase for my hair and I?

I’ll answer that in another post by saying both the advantages and disadvantages from my experience.

Did you notice that my only problem was dry hair?

I didn’t suffer from breakage, limp hair, knots, etc.


Well, look the recurring themes in this post:

Braids, those three products and leaving my hair alone.

Simply put, they all did their individual duty. But I’ll explain more in another post.

Meanwhile you’ll love this post on my 10 dry hair and breakage tips.

If you’re wondering about my hair length from the blow drying picture:

I’m 2 years and 7 months natural. I didn’t check to see my hair length from my back view that day.

This routine was far from perfect but I went with it and it didn’t turn out too badly.

Humidity is a bitch though winks

What is your hair regimen?