A Reminder That Your Natural Hair Is Unique And Versatile When You’re Frustrated

Friday to sunday night summarized

This week has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. So last night again, I went on a big downloading spree of books. I prefer real books but was the middle of the night and although I have A LOT of books already, I just needed the comfort of having more immediately.

I felt better as soon as I started and since I read a lot of different genres, I went on for a long time and slept late happily knowing that today was Friday which means the weekend is at hand and I’ll have a lot of reading time.

That aside though, I found this picture in my phone gallery and decided to share it with you to encourage you. You might recognize it from my instagram page


If we’ll be honest, you’ll know that having natural hair can be frustrating sometimes. And that’s OK.

The reason I keep pictures like this is to remind me that my hair is still unique and versatile at times when:

My hair isn’t behaving herself.

I’m stuck in a styling rut.

I’m just too tired to deal with my hair.

I need some hair encouragement or inspiration.


My bad hair days summarized in one picture

I’m a 4c natural and sometimes styling is hard but not impossible. Shrinkage can be annoying but it can also be fun and lots more.

The thing is, your hair is versatile. You can choose to explore that versatility. There will be some bad times and there will be some good times.

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Don’t linger much in the bad moments which is where things like this picture come in for me.

Your hair doesn’t have to be long to be versatile. Short hair can be versatile. Same goes for all hair types.

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The main thing is to keep going. Natural hair memes keep me going in my hair journey.

Remember that you are unique and that everyone has their bad hair days even your favourite hair bloggers and vloggers but don’t let those days ruin your hair journey 😄

What gets you through your bad hair days?

8 thoughts on “A Reminder That Your Natural Hair Is Unique And Versatile When You’re Frustrated”

    1. That is a great idea. It’ll take your mind of it till your hair is ready to come out of the protective style and slay😊. I usually go for a bun when I’m frustrated.

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