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My Favourite High Bun And Saturday Mini Product Haul

Saturday means my lazy bun πŸ™‚
Dudu osun not in the group pic

You know what? If I ever do YouTube videos, you can be sure that that video of the tutorial of that bun will be among the first I’ll do.

But you can see the written tutorial with pictures in How To Do The Easiest Natural Hair Bun Without Added Hair

Last saturday plus 3 bored women equalled a stroll to the bank, supermarket & a typical Nigerian market after that.

My mum, my lil sis and I had run out of the 2 bottles of parachute coconut oil that we bought and it’s very hard to find here in Port-harcourt since major supermarkets near me like park ‘n’ shop in Garrison and Spar in the shopping mall are always running out of stock. Even Casabella in the shopping mall didn’t have any in the hair product shelf last time I was there.

The only supermarket that I’ve actually been quick & lucky enough to get some is Chanrai’s Supermarket at Aba Road in Port-harcourt hence the stroll since it’s near by.

The oils we saw at the hair product aisle were mostly products by KTC. Their coconut oil, almond oil, jasmine oil and mustard seed oil. There was an Indian oil and another almond oil by different companies. And of course there were the smallest remaining bottles of parachute coconut oil.


The parachute coconut oil bottle sizes were way too small. So I told my mom that we should try out the KTC coconut oil instead. She was skeptical at first but seeing how there were only 4 jars remaining and it being the best choice available, we took 3 jars.

Each jar was #1,250 (one thousand and fifty naira).


The hair mayonnaise was #1,300. You can get it cheaper outside supermarkets though. The one at home was almost finished and the Organics hair mayonnaise by Africa’s best is one of top hair products. I recently told you one of the many ways I use it in this post Easy Hatural Hair Bun

It’s even higher than coconut oil on my staple products list.

Once at home, I put one of the coconut oil in the fridge to solidify it (you can see they are in their liquid state in second picture).

I’ve used it since then and I’ll tell you the differences in my experiences with both parachute coconut oil and KTC coconut oil later πŸ˜‰

Outside the supermarket:


We got a packet Dudu Osun black soap in the market. We use it both for skin and hair purposes at home. You can read my Dudu Osun Review


We also bought some sulphur (locally made) because when we ran out of dudu osun a while ago, we used another soap that my sister and I had bad reactions to. So in the market, we were told to mix some sulphur with Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and apply it to the affected areas.

I can swear that there’s been a big difference and also I remembered that some people use sulphur for their hair. I’m yet to that but I’ll tell you if I do.

I also wanted a leave in conditioner in a spray bottle but as usual in Chanrai’s they only had dark and lovely leave in which I didn’t buy because it wasn’t in a spray bottle and in the market they had Vitale leave in which was in a spray bottle but looked like plain water with an alcohol scent.

So I decided to forego both leave ins. Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time.


If you’re in need of some coconut oil and you stay near chanrai’s, you can rush down there and pick up the last KTC coconut oil (unless they’ve restocked), parachute oil or any other oil you want that I mentioned above πŸ™‚

Have a great week ahead!

What is your favourite hair product?

13 thoughts on “My Favourite High Bun And Saturday Mini Product Haul”

        1. Hi Eddie, it’s in Aba road next to the oando filling station before Leventis motors. Just tell them chanrai’s supermarket at Aba road. Coconut oil is in the aisle for body products.


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