How Have You Gone Without Seeing This Low Bun Tutorial All Your Life?


That is a gorgeous low bun on my 4c natural hair and the best part is that it’s very simple!

Does the bun look familar? Remember another low bun I showed you in this post

My Current Hairstyle Routine: Braid Out Marathons On Stretched Hair ?

It was this bun in the picture below

Same method, different hair tool

In that post, I explained that this bun was my protective hairstye in between braid outs to give my hair a break. I also said how I prepare my hair before doing this bun as a protective style so do check out my My Current Hairstyle Routine: Braid Out On Stretched Hair

The main difference between the two buns above is that with the first one, I used an elastic band which made the bun bigger while with the second one, I used a fancy multicoloured hair packer.
The steps are the same.

To clear up some things about this natural hair low bun first:

This natural hair low bun was only used as a protective style in the braid out case. Usually for me, this is an emergency hairstyle because it’s a very simple natural hairstyle to do.

Alright it’s also a lazy natural hairstyle, I have no shame in admitting it. Y’all know I love buns. I usually go for buns when I can’t start styling my hair in some fancy updo, I don’t want to stress out my hair, emergencies etc.

Of course whatever situation you decide to use this bun in depends entirely on you.

The steps are easy.

You’ll need:

An elastic band and a hair clip.

I used this hair clip


So you first put your hair in a low puff with the elastic band, then you take the hair clip and pin your ends underneath. Like this


That’s it. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Tada! Easy natural hair bun

The key to this hairstyle in the case of the elastic band is putting your hair in a puff not a ponytail.

You can even try it right now or whenever your hair is down.

You know I always love to hear back from you here or via email πŸ˜‰

I’m also on IG @itx_mimi

What is your to go hairstyle?

12 thoughts on “How Have You Gone Without Seeing This Low Bun Tutorial All Your Life?”

    1. πŸ˜„You just made my morning! Thank you. I think especially for hair entering the awkward length stage & beyond that buns can be lifesavers.

      I’ll try to post more tutorials & expand past buns too. You can tell me if there is a hairstyle tutorial you’d like to see. Have a great weekend!


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