Why Wearing Braid Outs Makes My Life A Lot Easier


Hey beauties! How’s your hair holding up in this heat? To prevent shrinkage, I’ve kept my hair stretched most of the time by doing braid outs with just two cornrows. Like this???

My 4c hair stretched by two braids

I’ve being doing braid outs a lot recently. It’s like I’ve been on braid outs marathons. If you prefer twist outs, you might like my easy chunky twist out tutorial .

My routine has been like this:

On stretched hair, I’ll do four big cornrows and take them down in the morning to get a nice undefined braid out like this

A fluffy side part braid out after a few hours of wearing it out

At night:

I’ll just do two big cornrows following the way my hair is already parted.

Why not just redo the same 4 cornrows?

1) Because it saves time (especially when your tired at night) while still saving my braid out definition.

2) It gives me more volume (bigger and fluffier hair) the next day.

The next morning:

Take down, fluff and go!

I simply take down the cornrows and fluff with my hands (I apply an oil first) or an Afro pick.

When the braid out has run it’s course and is old:

I’ll comb out my hair and rock a big Afro for at least a few minutes (I love my fro!) then do a low bun like this

Simple natural hair low bun

The low bun allows my hair and my ends especially to rest from the exposure from wearing my hair out.

At night or on another day, I’ll put in one or two braids to stretch it out for next time.

How I prepare my hair to rest and recuperate in the low bun:

It is really simple and takes less than 10 minutes.

I apply an oil to my entire hair then I apply organics hair mayonnaise. I then seal my ends with Shea butter and put my hair into the low bun.

The hair mayonnaise really helps and adds life to my ends because it is a light protein treatment as well as a leave in.

Another easy protective style you can try is this simple natural hair headband chignon

Other details and tips:

1) Moisturize your hair well before stretching it out. This way, I don’t have to moisturize to my braid outs and cause shrinkage.

2) The only product I use to do the braid outs is an oil, usually coconut oil which I apply generously.


Because I don’t want to use any product for definition. For now I prefer wild and undefined hair.

Also, most of the coconut oil is absorbed by my hair quickly. The next day, you’d be surprised at how my hair isn’t even greasy. It’s very light, non greasy and keeps my hair lubricated.

3) Generally, before I take down any braid, twist, flat twist or cornrow, I apply an oil first.

This reduces breakage and frizz. Also, oiled fingers makes separating easier by reducing friction and knots.

So before taking down the braids for stretching my hair or the cornrows for the braid out, I apply an oil to my hands and my hair.

4) Avoid re-braiding your hair at night too often. If pineappling or another method works for you, do it instead.


For some natural hair memes to humor you, these natural hair memes will complete your day.

This post has basically condensed my routine for these past few weeks. Naturally, I love braid outs and I get the best results on stretched hair so I saw this as a time to enjoy them.

Right now, my hair is in two cornrows instead of four because I want a very loose braid out tomorrow or whichever day I take them down.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless and you can see that I don’t stick strictly to a particular method.

I don’t know when I’ll stop doing the braid out routine. If I do, I’ll probably put my hair up in a high bun until I decide what to do with my hair.

But for now, I’m content especially as my hair has remained stretched. Who doesn’t love seeing the progress of their hair growth?

What is your hairstyling routine?


8 thoughts on “Why Wearing Braid Outs Makes My Life A Lot Easier

  1. For my hair routine, I like to alternate weekly between protective styles and puff balls or twistouts. I’ll wash/deep condition my hair at the beginning of the week and then style based on the stress my hair’s been under.

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    1. I like that your regimen is easy. I’ve not been doing puffs lately because of the heat & I can’t resist touching and reshaping it 😊

      It’s great that you also let your hair out but do protective styles when your hair is stressed out from wearing it out.


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