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I know how you feel! I feel your frustration as you’re reading this.

This is a special post for all my amazing readers who I’m thankful to for sticking with me through all my blogging struggles.

Today I have something different from the regular hair topics on other blogs, something that I hope will help you and speak to most of you.

“Natural Hair Routine Problems And Solutions”.

Almost everyone with hair regimen and routine problems falls into at least one of these categories below:

Your hair routines are too long but you don’t know what to cut out since it seems your hair needs each routine..

You just don’t know where to start from.

The whole natural hair routines like oil rinsing, hot oil treatments, co washing etc overwhelms you.

Your hair behaves differently every day and drives you crazy.

You just like trying out new things & routines.

You’ve been following the regimens of other naturals whose hair seem to be thriving and growing like weeds.

And so much more.

However, regardless of which category you fall in, I’m here to tell you that it’s alright. There are son many options and solutions to suit different problems

First of all, not everyone has or should have a strict regimen.


1) To Those Who Have Random Routines

Personally, I don’t have an actual hair regimen. I don’t plan things like this;

Moisturize x4 a week.

Wash weekly.

Hot oil treatments x2 a month.


I’m more of a random person. I know myself. I might follow the routine for a while (maybe a few days or a week) and then;

I’ll either get bored

My hair will change her mood

I’ll forget

I’ll be too busy or lazy, etc.

But most times, it’s because my hair’s needs change constantly. Yeah, she has her moods.


Then how do I keep track of whatever I do?

At first, I used a hair diary app on my phone that helped me greatly when I went natural to keep track of what I did, how my hair reacted etc.

The reason I hardly use it anymore is because I’m now a confident random natural. I’ve accepted it because for me, random routines works best.

I listen to my hair needs:

With my hair, each week is different. In fact nearly each day is different.


This month I might end up washing my hair 3 times, another month I might wash it less frequently. This week she might need moisture just twice, next week she might need moisture everyday etc.

So instead doing some things that are actually unnecessary, I just listen to the needs of my hair.

The point and the solution:

If a random regimen works for you, stop trying too hard at searching for stable regimens that never seem to work for long. Just go with the flow.


2) To Those Who Feel Like The Whole Natural Hair Thing Is Overwhelming

I totally understand, I mean my relaxed hair life was just;

Wash, condition (sometimes), apply a product (usually petroleum based) and air dry.

Then I went natural & heard strange new things like detangling, oil rinsing, co washing, washing with mud/baking soda, tea rinses etc and I was like 😕 what the hell have I gotten myself into?

And now, whenever I look back, I can understand why some relaxed sisters are content with their relaxers and life.



Some naturals makes it seem like routines like deep conditioning, co washing, protein treatments etc are totally compulsory if you want to have healthy & long hair.

Just because a certain regimen works well for you doesn’t mean you should make others feel like if they aren’t doing it, they’ll have no progress.

The point:

Doing too many routines can make you a routine junkie just like having too many products can make you a product junkie.

I do try new routines because I like trying out new things, but I don’t find all of them necessary in my hair regimen. If you try something and it doesn’t work for you e.g a wash and go regimen you saw naptural85 doing, drop it and move on.

The solution:

Start with basic things like washing, detangling & moisturizing. Then you can try something new, e.g co washing to see how your hair responds to it before deciding if you’ll include it in your regimen & how often.


3) To All Those Who Read Interviews On Hair Blogs And Watch Videos Of Naturals To Find Out Their Regimens & Secrets

I would read interviews of naturals with my hair type on different blogs and try to find special things they were doing that worked for them.

For some it was pre pooing with their special oil concoction, for some it was rarely wearing their hair down, for others it was an expensive product etc.

But I just couldn’t keep up with everything and I stopped trying looking for the perfect regimen or secret, I just decided to give in to my hair and learn from her instead.

I know saying ‘every hair is different’ is kinda frustrating, but it’s the truth. The regimens of two 4c naturals with waist length hair might be the complete opposite of each other.


The point:

If your natural hair crush washes & deep conditions her hair weekly and your hair just can’t be washed that frequently, then don’t kill yourself over trying to make it work.

The Solution:

Look for elements in different naturals regimens that your hair actually likes and you can handle e.g pre pooing with coconut oil before wash day and add it to your own regimen.

Just make sure that your hair actually agrees with them, you don’t try to jam too many elements together and they don’t take up your time.

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What are your natural hair problems?


9 thoughts on “Read This If Your Natural Hair Regimen Is Frustrating

    • Mimi says:

      Yesss! Amen. Glad to know I’m not the only one this works for 🙂 I honestly feel like we should all just listen to what our hair wants and needs and go from there.


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