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Basic And Essential Products And Tools All Naturals Should Have


Are you a new natural? A natural that wants to clear out your unnecessary and unused products? A natural that doesn’t know where to start from? A natural that just wants to keep it simple?

Even if you don’t fall into any of these categories, it’s still useful to be able to nail down the basic products and tools for your hair care.

Anyone can use this post, natural, relaxed and those with texturized hair.

This post is very simple. I’m not gonna list 3 types of shampoos or cleansers and all of that, I’m putting only what you actually need.

We’ll start with hair products.


Basic Hair Care Products

1) A shampoo

2) A regular conditioner

3) A leave in conditioner/moisturizer

4) Any oil(s)


1) A separate deep conditioner. You can substitute this with simple diys or even an oil.

2) A styling product. If an oil isn’t your style, try a gel or styling cream.


Basic Hair Tools:

1) Ouchless elastic bands of different sizes (not rubber bands)

2) Bobby pins

3) A wide tooth comb

4) Microfiber towel or a T-shirt

5) Shower cap(s)

6) A satin or silk scarf/bonnet/pillowcase (whichever you prefer)


1) A spray bottle for water, a diy leave in or a diy detangler.

I honestly feel that these are the basics and a great place to start.

Of course as you go, you can add more like aloe vera gel, a blow dryer, a hair butter etc.

If you feel that something not on this list is also essential or don’t know why something listed here is essential, please let me know.

What are your favorite hair products and tools?

13 thoughts on “Basic And Essential Products And Tools All Naturals Should Have”

    1. That’s alright, you don’t need everything. I love Shea butter & castor oil too. Shea butter is also a staple for me.

      I don’t eat bama so it’s rare to see it at home but I use organics hair mayonnaise by Africa’s best. It’s a staple product for me, my mum and my sister.

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        1. Nope, my sis recently started transitioning though. Mum’s been natural before a lot of times but she likes being relaxed. My sister might decide to change her mind but I’m okay with their decisions.

          The important thing is that our care hair has been updated, we’ve learnt how to properly take care of our hair.

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