My Unbelievably Easy Chunky Twist Out Tutorial

Me rocking a twist out today!

Can you believe I haven’t shared a twist out tutorial here?? Well ever since I discovered braids and braid outs, I left the twist out zone for a while. But today I’mΒ  back with an undefined twist out.

Yesterday, my hair was stretched from the two braids I did on Sunday night and I just played with my hair for a while before putting it into a top bun. Last night, I got bored and I was wondering what hairstyle to do next.

Last week, I wore chunky braid outs so I wanted something different for today. I finally decided on doing big twists for a twist out.


Now over the months when I did twist outs, I learned a few things:

1) Twist outs on my wet hair gave definition but a lot of shrinkage. I had to bun or braid all the twists together so it would get stretched.

2) Twists on dry hair that has been stretched worked best for me.

3) Using my curly pudding helped my definition to last.

However in this tutorial, I didn’t use my curly pudding because I wasn’t after definition, I just wanted a chunky and wild twist out so I only applied an oil.

This hairstyle is done on my 4c hair but it can be done on any hair type and texture.

Here’s how I did it:

My stretched hair yesterday

1) Start with stretched hair.

* I did the twists at night so I don’t have any pics of me doing them but I took pics of the twists today to show you what I did.


2) Keep the front section out of the way and twist up the rest of your hair.


3) Make a side part and flat twist the front section. I did one big flat twist on the small section as you can see in the picture above and two flat twists on the big section.

* I decided to flat twist the front because I like it when my front hair falls towards my face. But you can just do regular twists if you want.


4) Gather all the twists together and go to bed. This is how the front looked like


The take down:


5) All an oil to your hands, take down and separate the twists then fluff with an afro pick.

And that’s it!

FAQ and some tips:

1) I applied mustard seed oil to each section before twisting and also when taking down the twists. You can use any oil.

2) I did not use water or any product for hold. I just started with stretched hair that had been previously moisturized on Sunday.

3) If you prefer doing your twist outs with a product like a leave in, styling cream or gel, that’s ok. Like I said before, I wasn’t after definition, I just wanted big and undefined wild hair.

4) If you have really dry hair, please don’t apply gel directly to your hair. Moisturize first or add a little oil to your gel.

5) If you do this style on wet or damp hair, allow it to fully dry before taking it down.

I think that covers it.

However, if you have additional questions, please do tell me & I’ll reply them.

Overall, I loved the way this twist out style turned out because when I did it, I was tired and just hoped for the best.

I hope you love it too so if you do try out a chunky twist out, I’d love to know.

How do you do your twist out?

14 thoughts on “My Unbelievably Easy Chunky Twist Out Tutorial”

    1. Thank you and you know what? I used to save a lot of hairstyles I saw for when my hair would get to that length and I thought the hairstyles wouldn’t look great on my length but I think you should just go for it.

      I missed out on a lot of hairstyles I could have done when my hair was shorter because I was waiting for my hair to get longer so I could wear it out.

      It’s ok if you don’t give this a try now, your comfortability with an hairstyles is more important but do give other styles a try. @nae2curly on instagram has great tutorials for shorter hair amongst others on blogs & vlogs.

      Liked by 1 person

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