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How I Stretch My 4c Natural Hair Effortlessly With Braids

My hair almost a year ago


TGIF! And good morning to you 😘

I woke up kinda cranky & my parents quickly left the house cause they know how I can be but I shimmered down after drinking water. Believe it or not, water not coffee is my first drink when I wake up.

Somehow, water works better than coffee for me (maybe because I don’t take it black).

I don’t take water because of all the health benefits we all hear every time or because my Mom made it a mission to make up drink water once we were awake every day (her reason was the benefits).

I started taking it seriously when I realized that it helps get me up and about in the morning & it removes the tiredness from waking up. Now if I wait for a while after waking up without drinking water I feel weak & my body feels incomplete.

So as lazy as I am, It is one thing I actually do regularly because even If I get too lazy to drink water or just wanna rebel that day, my body screams internally after a while and I’ll still end up gulping that water.

I don’t do the 8 glasses of water a day thing, I just take my first glass of water in the morning seriously. Then I drink water as usual the rest of the day.

Why am I bringing this up?

It’s something that is very easy to add to your life that can help you. Maybe in a different way. Of course at first when my Mom made me do it kinda sucked and I didn’t notice anything.

But as time went by, It has become a routine I actually love and y’all know I don’t do routines.


Okay, about getting that stretched hair.

* These pictures were taken almost a year ago and this method still works. I might do if again on my current hair length for you to see.

The main thing is that it works on all lengths.

All naturals (except straight hair naturals) know the struggle of shrinkage.

I mean, finding a method that actually stretches your hair well while taking minimum time & effort is a victory. I found mine in braids.

Two other methods that work best at stretching my hair are blow drying and doing african threading. I love them too but braids are more easier because I can do them anywhere and anytime.

This method is very simple and easy. I wear my hair stretched often so this allows me to get stretched hair with minimum

– Effort

– Time

– And manipulation on my hair.

How do I stretch my hair with braids?

I usually do 4 braids to really stretch my hair but 2 braids work too.

Tools: Your leave in and bobby pins.

Steps 1:


Moisturize your hair and separate into 4 sections.

Step 2:


Braid each section and pin down with bobby pins. Allow your hair to dry.

Step 3: The take down.

My hair almost a year ago

Apply an oil to your fingertips and take down each braid.

Step 4:


Comb with a comb or your fingers if you prefer them.

That’s it. Simple and easy.

After doing this, I then do a hairstyle like a bun for the day. I also love braid outs on stretched hair.

One more thing:

Keeping your hair stretched greatly reduces tangles and knots which makes your detangling a lot easier. There will also be less breakage from detangling.

I would choose braids over twists anytime because braids stretch my hair out more, so there you have it πŸ™‚

I’m off to eat breakfast but I’m always around. I’ll reply your comments & you can also send an email to and I’ll also reply.

How do you stretch your natural hair?

10 thoughts on “How I Stretch My 4c Natural Hair Effortlessly With Braids”

  1. I have tried stretching my hair with twists, braids, bantu knots and threading, but braids remain my best. I make about 8 braids and it stretches my hair well. It is easy to make, makes my hair soft and fluffy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes gurlll, braids all the way. I first started with 8 braids too, it gave me that chunky & fluffy braid out look and my hair was stretched.

      I’m glad braids work for you too πŸ™‚


    1. Yes I have, my mom does it for me sometimes. It works great. Have you?

      Bunning doesn’t work for me too, but putting already stretched hair in a bun helps my hair to remain stretched until I’m ready to take it down or switch up hairstyles.


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