Natural Hair Memes You Need Right Now


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There is just something about seeing a situation you can relate to like the picture above, that can surprisingly help you to keep going knowing you aren’t alone.

We all need inspiration and encouragement now and then. I know I do, which is why I’ve got a folder of natural hair inspiration and humor on my phone.

So today, I’m gonna share some natural hair memes for humor.


It is similar to taking off your bra at the end of the day. But with your hair, you might probably decide to go to bed that way you and end up regretting it in the morning. We’ve all been there.


I’ve just recently started watching a few natural hairstyles on YouTube (mostly buns of course, I love buns). I’m more of a pictorial kinda girl. Up till now, I learn hairstyles from pictorials but I totally get this meme.

Whether you use a video or pictorial for guidance, the feeling when your hair actually turns out right is simply glorious. I mean it is a personal victory.


Pineappling is a no for me & nobody has the time to retwist every night.


Benefits of pulling my mom into the natural hair realm

1) She buys almost every hair product we have.

2) Only number 1 matters in this post.


This is so annoying. How?? This is why I don’t bother with keeping diligent regimen, my hair obviously chooses her days & moods.


Sometimes you wonder….


Elastic bands are precious. They are very essential, please buy them in bulk and keep them in every corner of your house. I use the longer type because they create better puffs and bigger buns for me.


This right here typically happens after you’ve just stretched your hair or when you’re rocking a great hairstyle on stretched hair like a big fluffy braid out or an updo.

Rain means shrinkage and then you’ll have to chill at home when you actually want to go out and rock your look.


Lmao it’s more like wash and stop for some like me. Shrinkage is real, then there’s trying to actually get your curls/coils to pop, getting the hairstyle to last for more than a few ours etc.

These are just a few, natural hair isn’t a bed of roses. We all have bad hair days and it’s not all about having a very long length, some might remain. But the whole hair delimas come with the package.

Some days you’ll be frustrated, annoyed with your hair etc. When I go through those times, I think about the good hair moments and my progress so far. Trust me, taking pictures to chronicle your hair journey is worth it.

So hang in there, it’s okay to vent too. It’s all about trial and error. You’re not alone 😉

Which of the memes above can you relate to?


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