Easy Natural Hair Headband Chignon Tutorial



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We’ve got a hairstyle tutorial today, a chignon in fact and it simply looks gorgeous. Plus it’s easy to do and can stand out in any occasion.

What you need:

An hair band, bobby pins.



1) Take some of your hair to one side of your head and pin with a bobby pin to make a bang.

2) Place the head band on your head.

3) Take some hair from the left side and tuck into the band.

4) Repeat with the right side.


5) Tuck in the remaining hair at the back into the head band.

Look fabulous!

You can pin your hair with bobby pins for more hold.


1) Start with moisturized hair.

2) Protect at night by using any of these:

  • A satin or silk pillow

  • A satin or silk scarf

  • A satin or silk bonnet

3) Don’t use a headband that is too tight.

What is your favourite natural hairstyle?


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