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Another Bantu Knot Attempt Gone South


Morning beauties!

We have a hairstyle tale today oh. About me and Bantu knots. * We no dey ever agree.

* It means “we don’t agree”.

Yesterday, I decided to blow dry my hair, it was really shrunken and I’ve missed doing braid outs.

I grabbed random sections, applied Shea butter and blow dried the hell outta my hair. Then I put each section in a Bantu knot when I was done to keep my hair stretched because I was too lazy to do the braids for the Braid out.

Which reminded of this post I wrote that’s been chilling as a draft.

Bantu knots….

The one hairstyle where either

At least one of the knots decide they wanna come loose & I’ll keep adjusting till I finally take all of them down and those particular ones won’t have any definition.

I can’t get the fluffing part right.

My hair starts reverting & looks shrunken & puffy.

It turns into an afro in a few hours.


In this case, it was the fluffing part. I don’t know why I can’t get the fluffing part right but I know I still look fab.

I’m not loooking for perfect but remember this feeling


I believe I’ll get there with bantu knots one day. Everything is usually alright until I start fluffing.

I’ve gotten a lot of Bantu knots requests so in my post Q and A: answers to your questions & searches this month (February) , I added a picture of a bantu knot tutorial by @sassynae on instagram

When I first started this blog I said I wasn’t a hair guru so today I wanted to share an experience from a bantu knot attempt.

* This happened last year.

** Please forgive the quality of the pictures.

Β Β Β Β  Here’s how it went down

My hair had been washed a few days earlier.

I took a random section of my hair, blow dried with Shea butter and a deman brush then put it into a bantu knot.

I did this all over my hair.


Three days later (because I was at home, lazy & wanted this to work), I took them down with olive oil.


I separated them with my fingers and fluffed.


It was soft and chunky. More like a twist out but I liked it. It gradually lost definition after a while.

That night, I tried to save it by pineappling and loosely twisting the hair.

Yeah, it didn’t work. By the time I had arranged the hair back down the next day, it was basically a fro…….alright it had a little definition. Very. Little. Definition.

I moved on.

But I will try again.

So there ends my tale of those fateful three days. I’d love to hear yours (doesn’t have to be bantu knots).

I hope I’m not discouraging you, do not be afraid to try new hairstyles. Yes some will work & won’t, it’s all about trial and error.

Also, sometimes your hair might surprise you. A great twist out may come out from the random twists you quickly put your hair in before sleeping etc.

Hope for the best but always have your emergency hair supplies on hand πŸ™‚

Good night!

What has been your experience with Bantu knots?

9 thoughts on “Another Bantu Knot Attempt Gone South”

    1. Welcome to the club. We can’t beat ourselves over it, it’s best to move on like you did.

      But we’ll keep having hope for the future πŸ™‚ Do let me know when those curls stay curled.

      I’ll do a post later on how to make your Bantu knots last longer & Bantu knots tips that might help. They might just work for you & others.


  1. My plight with Bantu knots is crazy too. They never also agree with my hair. But the other day I just decided to give it a try again and it worked. It was pretty ok, but not too firm. When I tried separating them a little, few gave away and straightened out. But more were coiled.
    I eventually had to comb it all out because they were not all visibly curled, but most especially, it made my face appear smaller😐 after all that struggle😳

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oluchi, this is so true. How do they fluff it so perfectly? Etc, then I end up combing it too. I ‘m usually too lazy to go on YouTube but when I do (hopefully :D) , I’ll check for 4c naturals doing Bantu knots then probably try again.

      Some tips for you:

      It’s best on stretched hair. (Doing it on freshly washed wet hair doesn’t work for me).

      Trying switching up your styling product. The hold might not be enough.

      I end up losing visible curls too, it kinda turns to a fro with little definition. However, I like big hair so I sacrifice definition for fullness.

      It’s okay if you decide that you’re done with Bantu knots or to give them another try. For me, it’s just one of those things that aren’t really for me, it might work one day surprisingly but I won’t beat up myself for it.

      Liked by 1 person

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