3 Accessories For Your Natural Hair You Need Right Now

Don’t lose hope in the hairstyle department naturals! I’m here to help you spice up your hair with 3 simple hair accessories.


Source chic with kinks

1) With a hair stick

That bun though drools

The bun pictured above by chic with kinks is simply gorgeous and that hair stick makes a serious statement and a big difference.

For a similar hairstyle, this low bun tutorial is very easy to do and looks great too.

2) A hair band.

She’s all glamorous for a wedding but there’s no reason you can’t rock it too. If doesn’t even have to be flowery. Hair bands come in different designs.

As for those laid edges, what more can I say?


3) A small scarf or bandana

This is by a natural hair style guru, mz_tammy . I love her hairstyles and her accessories especially. Here she uses a bandana/small scarf to tie a bow.

Never underestimate the power of a scarf. In fact, this head scarve tutorial shows you how versatile head scarves can be.

Not everyone is big on accessories, I understand. But having one on hand can help during a hair emergency or on a bad hair day.

I hope you try to use an accessory this week. You might be surprised at difference it’ll make.

What is your favorite hair accessory?

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