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Part Two Of Your Natural Hair Answers


Hi huns! I know some of you have been expecting the answers to your searches that weren’t in the first post
Q and A: Questions and answers to your searches this month

Even if you weren’t, you can always learn something new. Think of it as an interactive natural hair discussion 😁

See also a similar natural hair Q and A post:

Answers to this week’s top searches on the blog

The answers to some searches are already on the blog so these are the ones that aren’t or need to be explained further.

1) Natural hair teen bloggers:

Searching for a natural hair teen blog generally is kinda frustrating. Which was one of the reasons I created this Natural hair teen blog

Were you searching for a natural hair teen feature? I’m yet to do that but I’ll get there.

If you were looking for other natural hair teen bloggers, you can check out;

Phillywriter24 ofΒ brookebruson

Elebeky ofΒ Natural frame of mind

Nafisah ofΒ Coily head of hair

Chiziduru on YouTube

Krissy of The natural hair teen

Etc. I don’t really go on YouTube but you might find some there.

You can also check theΒ Naturally curly teens forum


2) Shower cap to stop hair from clogging hostel shower.

This search can mean so many things, so I’ll try to give different answers.

a) Does your hair fall off in the shower?

If yes, please do a protein treatment. You can make a protein treatment or use a store bought protein treatment e.g Organics or ORS hair mayonnaise.

b) Does your hair clog the shower drain when detangling?

Try detangling before getting in the shower. That way the tangled hair won’t clog the drain.

I like detangling while doing something else like watching TV. Sitting. Down. #lazynatural

c) Were you searching for a special shower cap you can wear to stop your hair from clogging the shower drain?

I think you can use a regular one, it’ll work alright.

If these aren’t the answers you were looking for, please let me know so I can understand what you were searching for πŸ™‚


3) Natural hair stages:

I honestly think I’ll write a post on this topic.

There’s the teeny weeny afro stage (TWA), neck length, awkward length/stage, etc.

Yes, there’s an awkward length. Like when your hair is long enough to finally make a ponytail but too short for a bun that doesn’t look sad.

I’ve been there, so I’ll make a post on this.

4) Searches for a lot of hairstyles:

Okay, I saw a lot of these searches this night.

I love natural hairstyles & some don’t work for me like the Bantu knots & flexi rod set that you searched. But I can put up some more tutorials.


5) 4c natural memes:

Memes! I love them. I’ve a folder on my phone containing natural hair memes. I think everyone should have one too.


I can relate to them, some speak the truth to your soul, some are funny, others give you inspiration etc.

That aside though, I use memes in my posts so you’ll find at least one in most posts. I can’t put them all here right now, so I think I’ll do an inspirational post with memes.


6) Natural 4c pictorials:

Whenever I do a hairstyle, I try to take pics and put together a pictorial. Luckily, it’s been successful even though I’ve only put a few on the blog.

I’m a 4c natural too but I put the hairstyles up for all hair types to try although it might end up as a different look but no less fabulous. I’ll put some up soon.

See also:

How to do a simple top knot bun on natural hair

How to do the easiest natural hair bun without added hair

Twisted bun tutorial

When I put up a pictorial done by someone else, I try to explain the steps as best as I can.

See also:

Short natural hair? here are some great hairstyles and inspirahair

How to do a wash and go with just two basic products you already have

Natural hair updo pictorial

7) Natural hair pictorials:

Same with number 4.

Would you like pictorials on styling? Detangling? Wash and gos? Hairstyles? Hair recipes? I can put more of these up but please let me know if you want something specific.

Some of my posts contain pictorials on different things,Β  not always hairstyles.

Before we go……..

I try to put up posts on what I feel most of my readers need & can relate to so I don’t focus on just one topic. I spread it out because we all have different needs and perspectives.

So hit me with your opinions & questions and I’ll get back to you.

I hope you enjoyed the discussion and were satisfied with my answers. If you weren’t, you can tell me.

What questions do you have about your natural hair?

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