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How To Make Wash Day A Lot Easier


The dreaded wash day. I know how stressful it can be. Especially when you’re a new natural and you’re trying to fit in all these new routines like oil rinsing, pre pooing etc.

One problem is that many naturals are taught that these routines are absolutely necessary on every wash day.

In my case, I don’t deep condition or pre poo or do hot oil treatments on every wash day. If my hair doesn’t need it, I don’t do it. I listen to my hair.

Sometimes it’s as simple as

  • Divide into sections & detangle

  • Wash

  • Condition

  • Apply an oil & Shea butter

Other times my hair might need a pre poo so I’ll might apply something as simple coconut oil or as complex as a diy pre poo depending on our mood.


Take your time & figure out which products & routines actually work for you on wash day. Eliminating those that don’t work is the first step.

You don’t have to follow exactly every step or use exactly the same products as your hair crush on YouTube because all hair is different even if you have the same hair type.

Somethings that don’t work for me include:

Oil rinsing, co washing consecutively, plopping, detangling in the shower, etc.

The point:

It’s alright to experiment with routines. Some will work & some won’t. Don’t cramp everything together in wash day because you feel your hair needs 101 products or routines. Listen to your hair.

Ways to make your wash day easier


1) Kill 3 birds with one stone by simply adding your favourite oil to your conditioner.

It does triple duty by:

  • Adding more moisturizing properties to your hair when conditioning. Especially for dry hair.

  • A great but simple pre poo.

  • Can be used a deep conditioner. It’s a great place to start if you want to start using diy conditioners.

Bonus: No need to oil rinse.

2) Dividing your hair into sections helps a lot.

I don’t mean 10 sections. Four is enough for me. You just divide your hair & put it into loose twists.

3) Decide which type of detangling works best for you.

  • Dry detangling before washing? With an oil?

  • Wet detangling in the shower?

  • Damp detangling with a leave in, conditioner or pre poo before washing?

Personally, I prefer dry or damp detangling before washing my hair. Works best for me.

4) Cut back on routines that haven’t produced any results on your hair.

It might be washing with clay or pre pooing with coconut oil. Just try to be honest with yourself. You really don’t need everything.


5) Want to do both a protein treatment and deep conditioning?

Try this

  • Apply the protein treatment as a pre poo

  • Wash

  • Deep condition

  • Moisturize

This is a great way to go if you want to do a protein treatment and deep condition on the same wash day.

These are just a few ways to remove the stress from your wash day and I hope they will help you as they’ve helped me.

What is your wash day routine?

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