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All The Answers To Your Natural Hair Questions This Month


Hey beautiful! Yes you reading this right now. Don’t let anyone tell you sh*t about any part of your body. You’re beautiful, don’t forget that.

It’s a rare day oh. February 29th only comes once in 4 years so I really suggest you doing something crazy or something fun today.

Yeah, I know today’s Monday but don’t let that ruin the mood πŸ™‚

Today is a Q and A day where I’ll answer your questions and searches to best of my ability.

Some of your natural hair questions are:

1) Can gel help hair to grow to bra length?

2) Bantu knots on medium length hair.

3) Breaking 4c hair.

4) Humectants.

5) How to grow TWA with protective style braids for twelve weeks.

6) Easy bun natural hair tutorial.

7) Natural hair pictorials

8) Shower cap to stop hair clogging hostel shower.

9) Natural hair stages

10) Natural hair memes and inspiration

11) Over manipulation.

12) Heat usage resulting in hair breakage


You can decide to skip to the answer to the question you’re looking for but you can also learn something new from reading the other answers.

Let’s start with the first question


1) Can gel help hair to grow to bra length?

If you mean the regular gel that we all use to lay our edges etc, then no, it can’t make your hair to grow.

I don’t believe even the gels with olive oil or other moisturizing ingredients can make your hair grow because they are only there to prevent the gel from drying out your hair.

But if you mean aloe vera gel then yes, it can help your hair to grow.

Ways to use aloe vera gel

1) As a moisturizer (mixed water and an oil)

2) As a moisturizing deep conditioner.

3) As a hair mask.

4) Mixed with coconut oil as a shampoo.

5) As a pre poo.

For more on the wonderful benefits of aloe vera, Aloe vera for hair will shed more light on it.

2) Bantu knots on medium length hair.

Ahhh, Bantu knots. No matter how much I stretch my hair and do the Bantu knots on small sections, they don’t come out the way they’re supposed to.

I don’t know why I can’t get the fluffing part right.

But no worries, I’ve got you covered with a pictorial by @sassynae on instagram.


Remember to take down the Bantu knots with oil on your fingers and don’t over separate.


3) Breaking 4c hair.

I know the struggle. The main cause is dryness. I have 4c hair and I know that it’s naturally dry which is why it requires moisture a lot.

My 10 dry hair and breakage tips will help you to kick dryness to the curb.

4 diy deep conditioners for dry hair

Do you use heat often?

Too much heat usuage can leave your hair damaged. If so, please do a protein treatment. A recipe is included in the post above. I also recommend Organics hair mayonnaise.

Over detangling/combing/manipulating:

Sometimes it’s best to allow your hair to rest. Just reduce the three things mentioned above. You can also put your hair in a protective style.

You can also add an humectant e.g honey, aloe vera or glycerin to your regimen.

But Beware

Another cause might be using too much humectants. They might be one of the main ingredients in your hair products. Sure they’ll keep your hair moisturized but they can also draw the moisture from your into the atmosphere.

Think of it like this:

Humectants attract water right? Yes.

Now imagine using glycerin or a product with glycerin on a rainy day. Your hair will loose definition & end up mushy because it’s attracting water from the atmosphere.

The reverse is the case when the atmosphere is very dry. The humectant gives the atmosphere moisture from your hair.

The solution is to find the balance. A little humectant goes a long way.

Don’t use too much humectants if you aren’t going to wash it off (e.g when deep conditioning or doing a hair mask).


4) How to grow a TWA with protective style braids for twelve weeks.

I love braids. They are a great way to put your hair in a protective style. Your hair will keep on growing normally, the braids don’t have anything to do with the growth.

The problem:

While 3 months will enable your hair to rest while growing, the tangles that will result are a different matter. You won’t see them until you take down the braids because they occur at the root.

Take me for an example.

I did a protective style for almost 3 months (afro braids). I washed , deep conditioned, moisturized etc as usual and my hair seemed fine, no qualms at all.

Untill I took it down this month. I almost cried. My roots were so tangled. I lost a lot of hair when detangling.

My advice:

For the sake of your hair, try to reduce the time a bit. You can allow your hair to rest for a while then redo it if you want.

Here are some tips for growing your hair in braids:

I) Continue with your normal regimen i.e moisturizing, sealing etc. This will prevent your hair from drying out.

II) Scalp massages with an oil. It increases blood circulation plus it feels great.

III) Deep condition. Yes, you can deep condition with protective braids.

IV) Hot oil treatments (warm actually) since you’ll be putting it on your scalp. You can simply warm up olive or coconut oil & apply it.

Bonus: It’ll go great together with the scalp massage.

V) Avoid over manipulation.

VI) Moisturize or deep condition before taking down your braids.

VII) Do a protein treatment after taking down your braids.


5) Easy bun tutorials on natural hair.

Buns became one of my favourite hairstyles after going natural because they’re are easy, convenient and look fabulous.

Some great bun tutorials for natural hair are:

How to do the easiest natural hair bun ever without added hair

Easy twisted top knot bun tutorial on natural hair

How to do a simple top knot bun on natural hair

Easy natural hair low bun tutorial

6) How to make a bun to elevate short hair:

I’ve done a bun on my shrunken hair for people whose hair aren’t long enough to do my lazy bun but i’ve realized I need to make a post for naturals who want to do a bun but have really short hair, so I will soon.


The Part two of this post is now out, you can read it to get the other answers.

I hope my answers are sufficient but don’t hesitate to ask me more questions on these or other topics.

Have a great day!

What questions would like me to answer? I’d love to know.

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