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5 Common Natural Hair Routines That Don’t Work On My Hair


Once upon a time (two years ago), I decided to grow my low cut (TWA) and continue to keep my hair natural.

I went online and got admission into the natural hair academy and community (seriously, it’s like a school) where I started hearing things like pre poo, co wash, moisturizing & sealing, deep conditioning, coconut oil etc.

While most of these changed the way I looked at hair care and have helped me in my journey, some have;

* In the long run, gotten me tired

* Not just worked

* Been really overrated

Β Β  Etc.

Before we start:

1) Please do remember that everybody’s hair is different. What doesn’t work for me might work for you.

2) I only wrote about routines I tried which didn’t work.

So here we go………

Routines that don’t work for me

1) Co washing repeatedly:


If I co wash 3 or more times in succession without using any shampoo in between washes,Β my hair gets angry.

I can apply a product as a deep conditioner on my dry hair and then rinse it out. I don’t consider this as co washing. But if I use a conditioner to co wash my hair repeatedly, then that’s where my hair my hair and I have a problem.



p style=”text-align:left;”>2) Deep Conditioning On Every Wash Day

To my hair and I, it isn’t necessary on every single wash day.

I know my hair and she knows me, enough said.

3) Detangling In The Shower

Alright, the main reasons are

a) I usually wash my hair while having my bath & it’s annoying to just stand there detangling my 4c hair.

b) I’m usually too lazy πŸ™‚

c) I prefer dry or slightly damp detangling to wet detangling…..shrinkage y’all.

4) Moisturizing Daily:

My hair’s mood changes constantly so I don’t stick to a particular regimen for long.

Moisturizing daily doesn’t always work for me. Some weeks, it’s a must, some weeks I don’t even moisturize.

5) Twisting Every Night

Braids are quicker and stretch out my hair more.

Hell, sometimes I just do one big braid and tuck in my ends.

Also, I don’t braid every night. If my hair is in an updo, I’ll leave it like that. If my hair is down and loose, I’ll braid it or put in a ponytail and bun it.

Bottom Line:

You don’t have to follow any hair routine even if someone with your hair type is doing it. If it doesn’t work for you, pls move on.

Everyone’s hair is different, you don’t have to feel frustrated because your isn’t doing what you see on YouTube. You just have to listen to your hair.

It’s all about trial and error.

Your hair is fabulous just the way it is….Coarse, fine, straight, coily, dry, greasy, thick, short etc.

What common hair routines don’t work for you?

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