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Answers To This Week’s Hair Questions


Happy new year beauties! And yassss to that meme!

Why do I want more hair?

Well I’ve seen that African hair can grow long and after spending years praying for long hair while doing everything wrong (I know I wasn’t alone), I’ve now grown my hair and the more I see it blossom before me, the more I love it & want more.

I usually write my posts based on what I feel my readers need & things that aren’t talked about on other blog like How to deal with your natural hair during exams and Life As A Teen With Natural Hair

I decided to do this post because two top searches caught my eyes this week.

1) After applying gel one should apply oil and vice versa to hair.

2) How to grow hair from shoulder blade length to bra length in six months.

Let’s start with the first one

Question one:

After applying gel one should apply oil and vice versa to hair.

My answer:

It’s winter/harmattan. Are you applying the oil to seal the gel and prevent dryness? If yes, stop it please. It might make the flakiness to go away but your hair will be dry underneath.

Instead mix your gel with a little olive oil or Shea butter to prevent your hair from being stiff, dry and flaky.

Now, applying oil before gel? You can do that. Let’s say you

1) Moisturize

2) Apply oil to seal

3) Apply gel

That’s totally fine.

I hope I answered your question. If that wasn’t what you meant or if you feel I didn’t give you the answer you wanted, pls feel free to leave a comment, I’ll reply.

Question two:

How to grow hair from shoulder blade length to bra length in six months.

My answer:

First of all, it is totally possible.

Feeling stuck at a length is frustrating, especially when it seems nothing is working anymore. But don’t give up, here are some tips:

You don’t need to all of these to get long hair, I made it broad so everyone can pick something that goes with their regimen.



p style=”text-align:left;”>1) Deep condition:

You’ve probably heard this before, but I’m sure you’ve noticed your hair being really dry because of the harmattan/winter. The air is dry leaving your hair dry & brittle.

Instead of doing moisture and protein deep conditioning differently, you can combine them.


A mixture of coconut milk and honey.

An avocado, egg and oil.

Mayonnaise and your regular conditioner.

I also recommend organics hair mayonnaise, it’s great and affordable. Plus you can use it as a leave in.

2) The L.O.C method is your friend.

L= Liquid, O= Oil, C= Cream

It simply means you apply a liquid (water or your leave in), then an oil, then a cream (eg Shea butter, petroleum based product etc).

If it seems like too many steps, you can:

1) Get/make a leave in containing one or more oils.

2) Get a creamy moisturizer that contains both water and one or more oils.

3) Use humectants:

Honey, aloe vera and glycerin. They are all cheap and available.

Ways to use them:

1) As hair masks.

2) Mixed with your conditioner.

3) Mixed with water and an oil as a great leave in.

4) Use heat:

Yes, use it.

Ways to use heat:

1) When deep conditioning (I don’t own a hair dryer so I use my blow dryer and it works)

2) You can simply warm up your deep conditioner.

3) Do hot oil treatments (simply warm up an oil & apply it to your hair and cover with a shower cap).

5) Enjoy your scalp massages

It’s a simple tip that works. Massaging helps blood circulation. Plus it feels great.

6) Put your hair in a protective style:

It can be a bun, box braids, crochet braids, twists etc. Just don’t forget to still moisturize.

7) Those ends are important:

If your hair is growing but your ends keep on breaking, you won’t see length.

Ways to protect your ends

1) Reduce how often you detangle.

2) Apply your conditioner to your ends first so that it’ll have more time to work while you apply conditioner to the rest of your hair.

3) Don’t get addicted to trimming, please don’t.

4) Tuck them in a protective style so they won’t be exposed to the dry air.

5) Moisturize them frequently.

Good luck with your hair growth journey! I hope this helps.

Your questions are always welcome, I’ll do my best to answer.

Have a great hair week!

How do you keep your hair moisturized during the winter/harmattan?

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