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The Most Popular Posts Of 2015


We’re almost there huns!!! 2016 is just hours away and I still have things on my 2015 to do list that I haven’t crossed out (like going to Istanbul, buying a neutral matte eye shadow palette & arranging my wardrobe) but I’ll get there.

2015 has had its moments….both good & bad.


I created this blog in January

Saw my hair blossoming amidst the frustrating moments.

It was the year of rocking big buns.

My lil sis entered secondary school.

And so much more


I lost myself for a while and closed up.

Eyebrows didn’t grow as fast as I hoped they would even though I applied oils, aloe etc.

Didn’t eat nutella at all this year.


But it’s all good.


I had to share it because I couldn’t have done it without you.

I remember the first like, reblog, follower & comment. Can’t believe how fast these last months went by.

Special thanks to:

Phillywriter24 of brookebruson

Elebeky of Natural frame of mind

Nafisah of Coily head of hair

The teens in the Naturally curly teens forum

Latasia24 of Mrs random queen

Mesymacos of Upbeat sanguine

Kerry of Special kinks

ALL my amazing readers from all around the world.

Well done everyone! God bless!

The most viewed posts this year were:

1) How to make a curling pudding

2) Natural hair updo pictorial

3) How to do a simple top knot bun on natural hair

4) Life as teen with natural hair

5) A little Introduction

My personal favorites were:

All the posts.

        2015 Posts Round Up:

* How to update and boost your regular conditioner

Ways to take that bottle of conditioner to the next level.

* How to deal with your natural hair during exams

We all know how exams can be, we can’t really be bothered with our hair during finals week but these steps will guide you.

* How to do a wash and go with just two products you already have

Wash & gos can become wash & nos for some or include 101 steps & products. But this is a very simple method with a pictorial.

* 11 lessons i’ve learned from the humidity

Ahh the humidity. It has been replaced for now but it’ll be back. You’ve gotta be ready.

* How to deal with shrinkage when detangling on a normal day

Need to quickly detangle your hair so you can style it for a party but can’t be bothered with shrinkage? Read this.

* How to do a simple top knot bun on natural hair

The top knot bun, saving my ass since I could finally put my hair into a bun.

* How to eliminate single strand knots

SSKs… Some have the patience for them, some cut them off. Here’s how to get rid of them.

* How to make an oil shampoo for dry hair

We all feel frustrated when that so called moisturizing shampoo still leaves our hair dry. This simple recipe will amp up your hair game.

* How to do the easiest natural hair bun ever without added hair

This is one of my best posts! I share the pictorial with everyone who asks. You. need. it.

* I got featured on special kinks

Yasss!!! God bless Kerry. Her blog is a must see.

My hair’s length and health check

My 1yr & 6 months length & health check. It feels good when you see growth. Read & be inspired.

* Life As A Teen With Natural Hair

I wrote how being a natural teen in Nigeria really is & feels like with the qualms & perks.

* How to make a curling pudding

A simple 3 ingredient (which you probably have) recipe with many uses including for twists outs,edges etc.

* Solutions for flaky/stiff styling creams and gels

Have jars of styling creams & gels that don’t work or makes your hair stiff or flaky? You’ll love these simple solutions.

* W…w….wash day!

A detailed post of a wash day I had that explains every step & process in simple terms.

* Big bun sunday

A hair gist of my big lazy bun you can probably relate to.

* Natural hair twisted bun tutorial

A tutorial on how to do a simple twisted hair bun that spices up your bun life.

* Natural hair updo pictorial

A step by step glam hairstyle that you’ll want to try.

* Simple wash day regimens

Two detailed regimens you can try or tweak to your liking that makes wash day easier.

* Simple faux wash and go on my 4c hair

A simple wash and go that can be done on 4c hair & doesn’t require you carrying dripping & really shruken hair around.

* The only hair cleanser i recommend and why

A review & recommendation of a product we love, it just make your wash day better.

* Busy/lazy naturals guide to deep conditioning

Simple solutions & suggestions for busy and lazy naturals like me who need to deep condition but can’t seem to find time for it.

* Hair tip of the week

A hair tip you may not have heard about with much benefits.

* How to comb type four hair

All naturals can benefit from this post.Combing type 4 hair without ripping it off & getting a head ache hair is possible.

* 4 Diy deep conditioners for dry hair

4 recipes to get your hair back on track. Do not overlook dry hair *cringes* breakage is real.

* A normal teen not hair guru!

I am a normal participant in the natural hair community who can probably relate whatever perk or qualm you’re having but I’ll always help you out.

* 10 Other uses of coconut oil

Coconut oil *sighs*…I love it. Here are other ways you can use it aside from as an oil for your hair.

* 10 Dry hair and breakage tips

Have dry hair? You can combat it with these tips & suggestions.

* Simple glycerin leave in spritz for dry hair

A leave in conditioner that will leave your hair moisturized & supple.

* Paddle brush detangling tutorial and brush review

A tutorial on how to detangle your hair & my paddle brush review.

* A blog you should follow

This is a fellow teen natural hair blogger with lots of hairstyles & much more.

* Stop hair shaming!

Natural hair Nazis are everywhere. This media ignorance went viral,must read.

* 4 Simple night time hair tips

4 tips you hair will thank you for in the morning.

* Diy setting lotion

A simple setting lotion you can make at home for roller sets etc.

* Rethinking the black queen

A post of truth by a blogger with a different perspective from most.

* A little introduction

How did this end up at the bottom? Anyways it’s a summary of me,my hair journey & why I started this blog.

* No comment on any post is late!

I eat your feedbacks lol & comments are one of them. Please ask your questions & say your suggestions,thanks.

* Sunday morning and easy front puff tutorial

A Sunday morning last resort & simple puff tutorial.

There we go. More coming up in the new year.

Also, my hair is now 2 years & a month old!

I’ll post the 2 year length check pics from november next year!

I love you all! Looking forward to next year with you & waist length by my 3rd nappyversary 🙂

Happy new year!

PS: It doesn’t matter if it’s still a few hours away.

What are your hair goals for 2016?

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