The Most Popular Posts Of 2015


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We’ve grown so much that we had to create a better package now including Fashion, Lifestyle and more for all the amazing readers who’ve supported us. Thank you!

I want to personally thank all my amazing readers from all around the world! I couldn’t have come this far without you.

2015 Posts Round Up:

* How to deal with your natural hair during exams

We all know how exams can be, we can’t really be bothered with our hair during finals week but these steps will guide you.

* 11 lessons i’ve learned from the humidity

Tips and tricks to avoid the humidity from wrecking havoc on your hair.

* How to eliminate single strand knots

SSKs… Some have the patience for them, some cut them off. Here’s how to get rid of them.

* I got featured on special kinks

Do check out my hair feature!

* Life As A Teen With Natural Hair

Nothing was sugar-coated here at all.

* How to prevent Flaky Gels

Have jars of styling creams & gels that don’t work or makes your hair stiff or flaky? You’ll love these simple solutions.

* Natural hair updo pictorial

An easy step by step glam hairstyle that you’ll want to try.

* Busy/lazy naturals guide to deep conditioning

Simple solutions & suggestions for busy and lazy naturals like me who need to deep condition but can’t seem to find time for it.

* Hair tip of the week

An amazingly simple hair tip you may not have heard about with much benefits.

* How to comb naturally curly hair

All naturals can benefit from this post. Combing type 4 hair without ripping it off & getting a head ache hair is possible.

* 4 Diy deep conditioners for dry hair

4 simple recipes to get your hair back on track.

* 10 Other uses of coconut oil

I love coconut oil so much. Here are other ways you can use it aside from on your hair.

* 10 Dry hair and breakage tips

Do you have dry hair? You can combat it with these tips.

* 4 Simple night time hair tips

Your hair will thank you for in the morning.

I love you all! Looking forward to next year with you.


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