My hair journey

I Got Featured On Special Kinks!


I want to thank everyone for still coming back, reading my posts and having faith that I’d be back.

The blog statistics skyrocketed while I was away and I don’t even know what to say. Thanks isn’t even enough & I love you too!

About the feature

You can read it here Miracle’s HSW on Special kinks.

Kerry, the founder of Special Kinks is a Darling. I submitted my story months ago after she asked if I’d like to be featured & I agreed but all my attempts to send my pics to her failed and it was a little after that that my mind turned on me so I just forgot about it.

But I recently got an email from her saying she had put up my hair story & she was for real! She used some of the pictures from my blog instead.

Please take the time to stop at Special kinks . Kerry lives in Barbados and has great posts on protective hairstyles, hair features & great inspirational posts.

Also, I did a new protective style.

So my next post will be on how I prepped my hair before finally doing a protective style this month.

Aside from that, I have a special post coming up for you, hopefully this week. You are gonna love it, I promise.

How has the winter affected your hair routines?

2 thoughts on “I Got Featured On Special Kinks!”

  1. Welcome back dear, good to know you’re fine now. The harmattan is biting hard now and hair gets dry, am planning on crochet braids for christmas but right now am wearing a wig. Merry christmas to you .

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  2. Thanks tosin! same to u. Yes oh, the harmattan is serious. If ur hair still gets dry after moisturizing, try hot oil treatments. Crochet braids sound awesome! Do tell me how it turns out πŸ™‚


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