A Wash And Go With Just Two Products? Yes, It’s Possible


  Happy new month! I’ve been really lazy with my hair so no hairstyle pictorial by me today BUT I’m sharing a pictorial I found on pinterest that’s simple and fab!

The wash and go……an hairstyle that can end up either fabulous or a mass of tangles, knots and shrinkage. We’ve all been there either trying it just because it’s all over the natural hair community, you want to rock your natural coils/curls, you’re in a rush on wash day etc.

I’m a 4c natural and perfecting the wash and go with my hair means

1) My beautiful 4c coils should pop.

2) It should not be shrunken…geez a lil length doesn’t hurt.

3) It should last for at least 3 days.

4) It should not require re wetting my hair after a while….for God’s sake, moisture means shrinkage for my hair!

5) It should not require 100 products or 100 routines eg plopping, scrunching etc. My 4c hair doesn’t do the plopping and scrunching thing so it won’t work.

Well I have managed to achieve good results.

For me, my diy curly pudding or Emily millionaire coconut oil and herbs tend to make my coils pop but my wash and gos end up shruken except I

1) Do random braids and allow my hair to air dry.


2) Blow dry while stretching my hair slightly with my fingers.

For a simple wash and go tutorial of me putting my hair in random braids and air drying, see my post

Another technique that works for me is a dry wash and go. I simply moisturize and apply a styling product eg my diy curly pudding to an old braid out.

These methods work best for me since I don’t have the time to scrunch in conditioner, re wet my hair, rake my hair with my fingers, scrunch again, apply more product etc.

However, the wash and go pictorial I found on pinterest might just work for you.

The pictorial:



p style=”text-align:left;”>
Tools: A conditioner, deman brush (you can use your fingers instead) and a gel/curl cream or pudding.


1) Co wash your hair

Co washing simply means washing your hair with a conditioner (do not use a deep conditioner please, a regular conditioner will do).

You know how your coils/curls pop when you apply conditioner and rake through your hair with a comb, brush or fingers? That’s what we want.

2) Detangle with conditioner and deman brush

After co washing, apply conditioner again and detangle in the direction you want your hair to fall. You can use a paddle brush, fingers, comb or whatever works for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

3) Apply a gel and rake through:

Rinse out the conditioner taking care not to scatter your hair. Apply a gel or curl cream and rake through with your fingers.

PS: You can leave in a little conditioner so your hair won’t dry out.

4) Cups hands under water and scrunch into hair:

Simply cup your hands under your source of water (shower, sink etc) and squeeze it into your hair in sections.

5) Repeat on remaining sections and shake:

Well scrunch water into all the sections, shake and go!


Cowash>detangle>apply gel>scrunch

I’d absolutely love to hear from you, it doesn’t matter if this method works for you or not. It’s all about trial and error.

Don’t forget to tweak this tutorial if that’s what works best for you!


If your hair hates gel, you can use your favourite styling cream/lotion instead, etc.

Night swties!

#Tohellwithsatinpillowcases tonight because I’m really tired 🙂

Yeah it’s alright to slip a bit in your hair care regimen, you don’t have to be strict all the time. Remember two things:

1) It’s is a journey not a destination.

2) We love our natural hair but there is more to life than hair.

Have a great week!

What wash and go routine works best for you? Do share!

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