How To Do A Simple Top Knot Bun On Natural Hair


It’s really cold this morning *shivers* Well my hair is reaping the benefits of the high humidity (really moisturized) although the shrinkage rate has gone up.

About this hairstyle……

I targeted those with awkward length that feel they can’t really do a nice hairstyle so I did this on shrunken hair, So almost any length can do this hairstyle.

It’s a kind of bun…well lets call it  a top knot bun. I was having a bad hair day on a blessed friday. My hair was gradually shrinking & refused to corporate, I got pissed & put it in a ponytail.

All naturals will understand that putting our hair in ponytails can be frustrating because it ends up kinda short. The ponytail looked funny & I decided to do a small bun. I made a pictorial that shows the steps.



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Tools: Ponytail holder/elastic band and bobby pins.


1) Gather your hair & put in a ponytail.

2) Put the ponytail in two very loose twists.

3) Take the ends of the twists and pin with a bobby pin.

4) Gently lift up the bun for volume.

 PS: The trick here is just to make the twists very loose. The bigger & more loose the twist, the bigger the bun.

This bun will keep your hair stretched & secure for a while at least & no need to redo it every few days. It’s also a glam protective style.

Who else carries some hair tools in their purse? I always carry bobby pins,hair bands & a bandana for days when my hair gets really unpredictable, So I can do this hairstyle with those if an hair emergency occurs.

It’s very simple to do but if my explanations are not clear enough, pls leave a comment & I’ll get back to you.

Do try it! Feedbacks are really appreciated.

What is your favourite hairstyle?




15 thoughts on “How To Do A Simple Top Knot Bun On Natural Hair

    • Mimi says:

      *smiling* Thank you so much cause right now, my hair is a mess….too lazy (there’ll probably be consequences tomorrow but till then). I tried searching for your name on your wonderful blog but couldn’t find it, so please tell me 🙂

      About your question, no I didn’t blow dry it. It was shrunken to about half its real length.

      So, if your hair is around the same length as mine in the pictures or longer, you should definitely be able to do this hairstyle and end up with even better results than mine.

      For my edges in this hairstyle, I just brushed my edges after combing and moisturizing my hair. Bu most of the time I use my simple 3 ingredient diy curling pudding/styling cream in this post

      Please do give me a feedback when you try the hairstyle. I’d love to know!


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