6 Ways You Never Knew You Could Boost Your Hair Conditioner


Is anyone else’s hair a conditioner maniac?

I thought so.

I am a lazy natural who loves multi-tasking my hair products and reaping more benefits on the way and you’d be surprised at how how many ways you can use your regular conditioner so I decided to share 6 ways you can boost your hair conditioner to get a lot more benefits and have amazing wash days .

Natural hair loves conditioners of all kinds; leave in conditioners, deep conditioners but today is for our beloved regular conditioners that might be sitting on your sink.

What is a regular conditioner?

Also known as an instant conditioner, it’s simply a conditioner that conditions your hair instantly usually within 2-10 minutes. They don’t require heat and don’t usually have ingredients that are meant for deep conditioning.

Regular conditioners include vo5 conditioners, vitale conditioner, petals instant hair conditioner and other conditioners that say ‘regular’, ‘suitable for daily use’, ‘instant’ etc.

The ideas below are budget friendly for naturals who are on a budget e.g natural hair teenagers like me.

6 Ways to update & boost your regular conditioner.

1) Add an oil to reduce frizz, breakage, make detangling easier and leave your hair supple:

Simply pour an oil into your bottle of conditioner and shake.

You also can use this as a pre poo or a simple deep conditioner.


2) For those with jars of conditioners (you can also pour some of your conditioner into a jar), add a butter and a little oil.

A hair butter like Shea butter is thicker than oils and allows for extra slip for tightly coiled/curled naturals while preventing moisture loss..

Simply whip some hair butter with a little oil and mix it with your jar of conditioner.

It is an excellent moisturizer, detangler and deep conditioner for dry hair.

3) Add glycerin for serious moisture

This is for those whose hair dries out easily. Glycerin attracts and holds onto moisture because it’s a humectant.

Washing your hair allows water to touch every strand and using a conditioner with glycerin takes advantage of the available moisture by allowing your hair to hold onto it even after drying your hair.

It can also be used as a, pre poo and to co wash extremely dry hair.

4) Add honey for hair damage repair

Honey is a wonderful and readily available hair repair treatment. It is also an humectant like glycerin which means it is an excellent moisturizer.

Using it with a conditioner will provide moisture for it to hold on to and you hair will be conditioned, repaired and moisturized.

It can also be used as a co wash, hair mask and a deep conditioner.

5) Add a mix of two or more ingredients

This can be two or more types of oils (eg olive oil and coconut oil), honey and Shea butter or any combination of ingredients to your conditioner.

You can pick ingredients according to what your hair needs. Like dry hair and dull hair would need an humectant and an oil.

6) Combine two regular conditioners

Some naturals swear by this especially when one conditioner didn’t seem to work on it’s own. If you have lots of conditioners, you can try mixing a bit of two, applying them to a bit of your hair and noticing the results.


I’ve mixed petals instant conditioner and organics hair mayonnaise together for an emergency deep conditioner and it was awesome.

               Bonus Tip!



p style=”text-align:left;”>
Heat it up

Heat allows for better penetration of ingredients and softer hair. Since most regular conditioners are not meant for deep conditioning, you can add any of the ingredients mentioned above eg an oil or honey to your conditioner and warm it up.

Apply to dry or damp hair and cover with a shower cap, warm towel or heat cap. Leave on for 15-30mins and rinse.

For all the conditioner recipes mentioned above:

Experiment with a little mixture on a small patch of hair and see how your hair feels after.

Hope you love them all! I’ll love to hear from you cause honestly it sucks when it seems like at the end of the day, i’m the only one who is enjoying the benefits of my posts alone……or maybe I should focus my posts on just me alone.

Just kidding, I like giving my 2 cents….you never know who might need any just as I once needed them.

I’ll really appreciate admin and writers/guest writers for this blog because being a student & a mobile blogger  isn’t really easy. I’m yet to repair my ipad because I keep forgetting.

Just send an email to mimzzy2020@gmail.com thank you!

Have a great hair day 🙂

How do you boost your regular conditioner?


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  1. hi am ADETAYO, its reallyyyyyyyyyyyy nice to have a natural teen blog….old people blog are so oldddd but useful (lol)….i transitioned four years ago but i dont think my hair is get longer but urs is fine and long…..my phone got bad but ill dm you on IG soon….p.s i love you…its like mine but mine is dulllll……

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