How To Deal With Your Naturallyy Curly Hair In School During Exams


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Yeah, I know how it feels too when exams come around the corner. Your hair amibitions are quickly forgotten, your hair decides to be in a bad mood and make your life harder, you throw on scarves as a last resort and so much more. Simply put hair care during this time can be very frustrating.

This is a natural hair blog for teenagers with natural hair and whether we like it or not, our natural hair affects our school life but most blogs don’t look into this so I decided to speak up for all of us by writing 10 ways to deal with your natural hair at school especially during busy moments like exams.

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1) If you wash your hair frequently, wash it at night and try to do it on days when your schedule is less hectic:

This is to avoid carrying dripping hair around. So wash at night. Use a t-shirt or micro fiber towel to soak up the excess water. Moisturize your damp hair and put your hair in braids or twists to dry over night.

If you prefer washing your hair in the morning, put it in a hairstyle that will allow it to dry & prevent frizz like a bun.

2) For those who can go for a while before washing, wash your hair before the exam week:

The majority of naturals who really put space in between their wash days are tightly coiled/curled naturals like me. So if you’re like me, please wash your hair before the exam week.

If your wash day takes time, my tips on how to make wash day a lot easier will really help you especially now.

You really don’t want to be thinking about pre pooing, detangling & reading organic chemistry III all at once.


3) For those who fall in number 2 above, use a deep conditioner on the day you wash your hair:

You’ll thank me later for this. It’ll make everything easier since your hair will be less prone to breakage, split ends and more.

Think of deep conditioning as occasional facials. How many of us remember facials during an hectic period of exams? Exactly.

We want our hair to still be in good condition through out our exam period and deep conditioning is a great place to start. If you’re a diy natural, these 4 Diy deep conditioners will fit your options.

4) Do a protective style:

This can be anything you’re comfortable with from buns to box braids. You can do an updo, wear a weave, etc.

The reason this step is important is because it’ll take daily hair struggles off your hands. You won’t need to worry about your hair and you’ll have more time for other things.

5) While studying, do simple moisture bagging:

If your hair needs, loves & craves moisture, this is a simple way to provide it that won’t take up your time.

How to do moisture bagging:

Simply spray a liquid e.g water or your leave in conditioner and cover your hair with a shower cap.

Whenever you are done with reading, take off your shower cap and apply an oil or butter like Shea butter to seal in the moisture.

6) Remember this truth:

Stretched Hairstyles>>easier detangling>>less breakage>>length retention

I have 4c hair and this baby is very dense and coarse. I keep her stretched and minimize detangling.

7) Don’t skip the important steps of your regimen when in a hurry:

If your hair isn’t the same without applying an oil or moisturizer, don’t skip it because you’re in a hurry.

If your hair isn’t the same without pre pooing, postpone your wash day instead. Don’t skip anything you’ll later regret not doing.


8) Emergencies happen so have a mini hair first aid kit in your purse or bag:

This can include bobby pins, head bands, hair ties, a bandana/small scarf, small spray bottle or small container of your moisturizer, etc.

You don’t have to carry much with you, just a few can be a bad hair day saver.

If you’re not sure what to carry, this list of basic products and tools all naturals should have has got you covered.

9) Do not experiment with something new you’re not sure of in the morning of an exam:

Whether it’s a new styling gel, frizz fighting spray, a moisturizer that promises bouncy curls, just don’t try it. Save it for the hours after the exams.

You might end up with white balls of residue, awkward hair, limp hair, ruined hairstyle etc.

10) Look at your exam time table and organize your hairstyles and hair schedules ahead of time:

Doing this will enable you to know days when your hair is on it’s own and how to prepare it for those days.

You’ll know when will be a bad day to choose as wash day, how long to keep an hairstyle before changing it on a day you’ll be less busy etc.

This will also enable you to prepare your hair emergency kit in your purse. We’ve gotta be prepared from the beginning.

These are just 10 ways to deal with your natural hair at school. I’m sure we’ve all found one way or another to deal with our hair at busy times so why don’t you share yours below in the comments? We’d love to know.

Other posts I feel will be also very useful to you in solving the problems young naturals like me face are:

A must read if you’re tired of hair regimens or can’t nail down one

Busy naturals guide to deep conditioning

How to make wash day a lot easier

How do you deal with your natural hair when you’re busy?


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