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How To Make An Oil Shampoo For Dry Hair


I’m sure we’ve all noticed thatΒ dry hair is a common problem for naturals. It is one of the reasons that some naturals don’t use shampoos because some strip off your hair’s natural oils and leave your hair feeling dried out after shampooing.

Some who use shampoos do oil rinses, pre poos and deep conditioning to prevent hair from drying out.

Most people fix dry hair by deep conditioning after shampooing. This oil shampoo for dry hair includes an oil which ensures that your hair doesn’t dry out during the shampooing process and leaves your hair soft and shiny.


A shampoo

Your favorite oil

An empty shampoo bottle


1) Pour in your shampoo up to 2/3 of the empty bottle.

2) Fill in the remaining 1/3 space by pouring in your oil.

3) Shake and use.

There’s no need to oil rinse after this oil shampoo, just condition as usual. This recipe also makes detangling a breeze and it’s great for dry natural hair.

I advice adding oils like olive oil, coconut oil etc for the best moisturizing results.

For additions like glycerin and honey, you can add them if you want but I prefer them as additions to your conditioners because they stay longer on your hair.

For the best experience, don’t forget to apply your leave in conditioner after washing your hair.

How do you stop dry hair?

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