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My Hair’s Length And Health Check


I realized that I haven’t shared my hair’s length with you so I decided to do it today.

For new readers, I’m Mimi, a 17 year old teenager with natural hair and a student.

Hair type: 4c hair

Hair description:Tightly coiled, springy and very dense.

How old is my hair currently? 1 year and 6 months.

Nappyversary: November 9th

Current hair length: Let’s find out…

               Length check

Back view:



Left side view:

Right side view:


Front view:



p style=”text-align:left;”>I’m very happy. By my 2nd nappyversary, I might straighten my hair (I’m yet to actually do that) and be at bra length.

So my current hair length (when blowdried and not shrunken like the pics above) is :

BSL (below shoulder blade length)

My hair’s health check.

What do I mean?

Well hair that is growing but unhealthy (lack of moisture, protein, excess shedding, breakage etc) isn’t great at all because it’ll look thin, dull, limp and lifeless. Your main focus during the journey to long natural hair should be your hair’s health.

To be honest, I’m a lazy natural who love taking advantage of the weather and my products i.e I love multi tasking my products. The humidity over here in Nigeria is very high so my hair doesn’t dry out as frequently as before because of that.

My hair really shrinks because of the high humidity and stretching it doesn’t last anymore but at least she stays moisturized.

Last month I had some shedding which went away later. I noticed my ends where coming off when I pulled them even lightly so I did a protein treatment with Emily coconut oil and herbs.

The next week, I put my hair in 4 braids and applied real mayonnaise to my ends only. I rinsed it off later and sealed with Shea butter.

My ends are fine now, thank God. The rest of my hair are ok, no breakage or split ends. Overall, I’d say my hair is healthy and feels great.

Next time, I’ll share how the humidity affected my hair care and regimen in various ways.

What is your hair length goal?

6 thoughts on “My Hair’s Length And Health Check”

    1. Thank u tosin! yes oh,lol nobody has too much cash to waste. will keep on writing for sure. Thanks very much for the blessings & encouragement.


  1. I’m like ‘did she just say envious’! sista bless u, I needed that because currently my hair is in 3 awkward braids & I don’t feel like dealing with her #lazynatural

    I’m sure yours is fabulous regardless of it’s length or type. I dont have to see it to know cause all naturals are naturally fab including YOU! Have a great hair day Michelle! Emails are always welcome 😀

    *on my way to the mirror to take down these braids & keep up being an inspiration*


  2. Wow.. I love your blog. I just turned 17 this month and i want us to be good friends. My hair is a mix..4b/c with Coarse texture and high density. I’m currently 8months post bc and my Hair’s name is Tamara. I’m also a blog writer at

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tamara, i’m so so sorry, somehow I just saw you comment (forgive my phone).

      I also have your kind of hair, really dense. Heading over to your blog.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂


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