4 Easy Diy Deep Conditioner Recipes To Treat Dry Hair


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Have you noticed that your natural hair dries out easily? Yeah, I hate it too. There are many reasons for that. The major one is that our natural hair pattern is different because of the bends and curves so moisture takes longer to go down the strands.

Also, most of the moisture may have evaporated before reaching the full length of your strands. Which is why spraying a water based moisturizer alone without sealing with an oil or a thicker product isn’t enough most of the time


Where does deep conditioning come in?

Deep conditioning enables more penetration (with heat) of beneficial ingredients that’ll fully moisturize and replenish your hair keeping it healthy.

Here are 4 easy diy deep conditioners for dry hair you can make at home.

1) Avocado and coconut oil hair mask:

Avocados and coconut oil are very moisturizing ingredients and when combined, will leave your hair feeling so soft, supple and very moisturized.

Mix half of an avocado and 2 spoons of coconut oil. Apply to dry hair and cover with a shower cap for 15-30 minutes. You can also sit under a dryer, use a steam cap or wrap a warm towel around the shower cap.

2) Glycerin, honey and olive oil deep conditioner:

Glycerin and honey are wonderful humectants which allows your hair to hold onto moisture and olive oil adds shine and strength.

Mix 2 tbsp of glycerin, 2 tbsp of honey and 4 tbsp of olive oil together, apply thoroughly and cover with a shower cap or steaming cap.

3) Coconut oil, honey and conditioner hair mask.

Boost your regular conditioner by adding a few ingredients. In this case, coconut oil will soften up your hair and honey will prevent moisture loss.

Mix some conditioner, honey and coconut oil in a bowl, apply to your hair. Use a shower cap or steam cap.

If your hair looks limp and lifeless, it might be lacking protein so you can do this protein treatment below which will also moisturize your hair.

4) Coconut milk, avocado and honey protein treatment:

Coconut milk unlike coconut oil contains protein and is great as a protein treatment on it’s own but you might experience stiffness after which is why I’ve included avocado which will moisturize your hair at the same time. Honey will help your hair hold on to the moisture.

Mix about half of a can of coconut milk, an avocado and 2 spoons of honey. It should form a paste. Apply thoroughly to your hair and wear a shower cap or steam cap.

Should you apply your deep conditioner before or after washing your hair?

You can use any of these as your pre poo before washing your hair but I prefer applying them after shampooing or co washing your hair so you won’t wash away all the goodies with your shampoo or co wash conditioner. You’ll just rinse and apply your moisturizer.

Do try out these deep conditioner recipes and tell us of your experience! I always love to hear from you via the comments, emails, social media and more.

What deep conditioner do you use on your hair?


8 thoughts on “4 Easy Diy Deep Conditioner Recipes To Treat Dry Hair

  1. adetayo says:

    for the first time in my life i deep condition with avocado blended with coconut milk mixed with heated palm oil (not bleached)………..what was the feel like?for the first time it said thank you(jes joking)……the hair looked great

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