How I Did A Faux Wash And Go On My 4c Hair


This is one of my best braid outs ever because it enhanced my own coils instead of forming another curl type like typical braid outs.

Why am I talking about braid outs when the title of this post is “how to do a faux wash and go on 4c hair”?

Because this hairstyle turned out looking like a wash and go after washing my hair, putting it in braids and allowing it to dry. Thanks to my over fluffing, my coils got over separated and ended up exactly like my hair in it’s 4c coily state but more defined. Here’s a closer look


After washing my hair, I moisturized with with Emily millionaire coconut oil and herbs (you can use any oil). Then I braided random sections of hair after applying my diy curling pudding

I did 10 braids in total. My hair takes long to air dry so I left it alone for a whole day. I took down the braids and fluffed very well with my fingers.



1) On damp and moisturized hair, take a small section of your hair and apply your styling product (E.g gel, curling cream etc).

2) Braid itΒ and repeat all over your head.

3) Allow your hair to dry before taking down the braids and fluffing very well with your fingers.

Enjoy your faux wash and go!

The keys to the hairstyle is braiding small sections and a styling product that’ll allow the definition to hold.

I like the way it turned out. Next time, I’ll stretch my hair when braiding to give it more length.

To sleep:


p style=”text-align:left;”>You can either;

  • Use a satin/silk scarf or bonnet.

  • Pin random sections with bobby pins.

  • Loosely twist or braid in big sections.

  • Pineapple your hair.

In the morning, just spray a leave in, fluff your hair and you’re ready to go!

How you do your wash and go?


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