10 Ways To Stop Dry Natural Hair And Breakage Now


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Having dry hair is a very common problem among naturals. Because of our hair pattern especially those like me in the type 4 range, moisture takes longer to go down our strands and by that time, most of it might have evaporated.

For some, their hair just doesn’t hold moisture no matter how frequently they moisturize. No matter which category you fall into, I’ve written 10 ways to get rid of dry hair and breakage that’ll help you.

10 Ways To Get Rid Of Dry Hair And Breakage

1) Add a humectant to your regimen:

Humectants are simply substances that attract and hold on to water. Examples are honey, aloe vera and glycerine. Add them to your leave ins, moisturizers and conditioners. They are great especially for those whose hair find it hard to hold moisture.

2) For breakage, do protein treatments:

Does your hair look limp and lifeless? You might need a protein treatment. Your hair is made up of protein a weak hair structure needs it. I usually use Africa’s best hair mayonnaise because it’s also a leave in conditioner but there are others and a lot of diy recipes you can try.

3) Check your shampoo:

Some Shampoos can dry out your hair and make your conditioner seem ineffective. Avoid overusing shampoos containing sulphates and other ingredients that’ll dry out your hair.

A simple test to know if your shampoo dries out your hair is to check how your hair feels after using it and before applying a conditioner. To prevent hair drying out from shampoos, do a pre poo with an oil.

4) Do the loc method of moisturizing:

In the loc method, you apply a water based leave in or just water, an oil then a creamy moisturizer. This ensures that the moisture from the leave in doesn’t evaporate and leaves your hair dried out again.

5) Avoid the “hand in hair syndrome”:

It might seem funny but over playing with your strands can cause breakage because it’s manipulation. Leaving it alone is actually beneficial. That way, you can avoid frizz and weakening your strands.

6) Moisturize frequently:

Some hair needs moisture daily, others once a week etc. Try various methods to know see what works best for your hair.

Carry a small leave in spray bottle with you at all times too and avoid leave ins containing alcohol as it’ll dry out your hair..

7) Deep condition:

At the start of my hair journey I didn’t deep condition or even knew how to do it. Once I started, I never looked back. Another form of deep conditioning is called bagging. You can simply spray your leave in, wear a shower cap for a while then seal the moisture with an oil or butter.

8) Keep your hair in stretched hairstyles:

Dry hair coupled with tangles leads to serious breakage when detangling. Putting your hair stretched hairstyles like buns will help to prevent this.

9) Never detangle your hair without help:

What do I mean? Always use a leave in, oil or conditioner when combing and detangling. They’ll give your hair slip and allow the tangles to gently smooth out. Doing a dry detangling on dry hair will result in damage, See more about detangling your hair here.

10) Your tools matter:

If you’re a frequent heat user, cutting it down for a while make a big difference if you have dry hair. If you must use heat (blow dryers, flat irons etc), always use a heat protectant.

Your detangling tools also matter. Do not use small combs on your hair, use a very wide comb, paddle brush or your fingers.

I hope tips helps you to overcome your problem of dry hair. Once you start doing these, you should see a difference. Do not overlook dry hair or take breakage as normal. Your hair’s health is very important.

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How do you combat dry hair and breakage?


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