Paddle Brush Detangling Tutorial And Brush Review


New addition y’all! During my hair shopping… I’m not a product junkie,my hair shopping consists of ‘replacing my finished products’ ,I might buy something new on my shopping list too.

   Ehen,during my hair shopping with coconut oil as my main target, I bought a paddle brush in a super market (it was on my list) for just #440 naira.Sadly there was no coconut oil in any of the three supermarkets I went to.

* For natural Nigerians, I got this brush from park and shop (not the shopping mall) in port harcourt for #440.There are other shapes & brushes available there too.

I decided to test out this brush by detangling dry & tangled hair.This isn’t my first time using a brush to detangle,nope I’ve got another brush (deman? U know those naija green brushes na) which  i love.But this is the first official paddle brush.

Let’s start with the detangling first……


Tools: Leave in conditioner/detangler (mine is a diy) & a paddle brush.


1) Divide your hair in to sections and twist (I did 5 twists)

2) Take down one section,spray your leave in/detangler generously (pic 3)

3) Gently detangle with the brush starting from the ends not roots (pic 4)

4) Re twist and repeat all over your head.

Amount of hair shed/lost



p style=”text-align:left;”>I’ve been shedding recently and my hair was both dry & tangled.So that’s both shed hair & strands from breakage.

*tears* Rip soldiers lol

My paddle brush review

Oya let’s start with the structure of this brush.

*It has rounded tips (yay!)

*It has a back that let’s out water (double yay!)

*It’s freaking red & silver! (Yay!)

*It has a hole in the handle that I can use to hang it on a wall (yay!)

Side note:

Detangling with it at first was tricky because I wasn’t used to the wideness of the brush but I practiced with the first section & it was easier from there.

Let’s continue….

I love the brush,the handle is great & it detangles easily.It didn’t snag my hair.

Paddle brush vs my improvised wide comb

Won’t be fair.Know why?

* I can’t use a wide comb to lay my edges.

* I can’t use a brush to rake through all of my hair gathered at once.

Etc, So I love them both.I’ll also be using the brush for straighter & smoother blowdrying results etc.

I’ll alternate between my comb & brushes for detangling.

Do I recommend this product?

Totally! For detangling, edges,blow drying,flat ironing etc.It’s awesome 😀

Ever used a paddle brush? What were your results,yay or nay? If not,drop your favorite detangling tool in the comments.


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