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My Favorite Hair cleanser: Dudu Odun Black Soap


You’re probably wondering what that is.Its an African Natural soap.A soap? For hair? Yes & body too.Before I start raving about this holy grail,let me calm the fears associated with searching for the perfect shampoo without sulphates, that won’t strip your hair and let’s see why I recommend it.

   Name of product: Dudu Osun (Black Soap).

   Manufacturers: Tropical Naturals.

  Description: Brown in a bar form.For hair and body purposes.



p style=”text-align:left;”>Ingredients: Pure Honey,Shea butter,Osun(Camwood),Palm kernel oil,Cocoa pod ash,Palm bunch ash,Aloe vera,Lime juice,Water & Fragrance.

   Claims: Cleanses,Nourishes, Protects,Refreshes your skin.

   Other words: Dudu Osun is the age long African black soap made the traditional way by hand from pure natural ingredients and herbs from the tropical rain forest & savannah regions.
     *No artificial colours
     *No preservatives
     *Bio degradable

My dudu osun review:

    Fact: I & my hair love it.My hair & skin loves the ingredients mentioned above(Shea butter,honey,palm kernel oil). It’s really made locally by hand here in Africa.

    Firstly, I & my family use it as a daily bathing soap & also in cases of acne & eczema,so I trust it.

    It doesn’t strip hair of its natural oils, instead it moisturizes my hair.It really lathers and for extra benefit,I leave it on my hair for about 3-5mins,it makes my hair soft.

     It conditions and cleanses so sometimes i just apply my ORS hair mayonnaise as a leave in deep conditioner and i’m done.It’s very biodegradable too #savingtheplanetbygoinggreen.

    It’s cheap and very available which comes in handy as a teen natural & student plus I know what’s in it.

    As for the scent,it doesn’t
Smell like a fake tropical soap but I love the scent. Not too little,not too much.All the claims above works for me.I’m not gonna give it up.

Tip: If you prefer liquid shampoos,get a bowl of water & leave this soap there.It’s bio degradable, so it breaks down easily.When no soap is left,pour it in a squeeze bottle & use as usual.
Additional benefits: It’s very cheap,it’s even in stores abroad.The ingredients are known & trusted,no more search for the perfect shampoo without sulfphates.You can use it anytime and never worry about stripping your hair & browsing the ingredients on that new shampoo you saw.

     Have you used dudu osun (African black soap before)? What were the results? If not, what is your best hair cleanser?

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