Big Bun Sunday

Natural hair bun

Hi y’all,how did your Sunday go?…This is my usual lazy natural hair bun. I’ll post the simple tutorial for this bun this week and it’s not a sock or added hair bun.It’s very easy to do. Let’s do the little gist today πŸ˜€

Β Β Β  You know how we naturals plan hairstyles in advance? I did yesterday,planned to wear this bun + new outfit + a clutch to church.

Β Β Β  So I slept with 4 braids (to stretch my hair & woke up with serious faith that nothing would ruin my plans.



p style=”text-align:left;”> My 4c hair actually corporated (yay!) & we went to church.This isn’t my first time of doing this bun but still….people stared,One woman almost fell in a puddle (rain fell) looking at the hair. I felt fly At least if I have any bad hair day this week,I can look back at Sunday & be courageous.#goodhairday

Β Β  Didn’t do much make up just my eyebrows & gloss.Didn’t wanna risk looking like a masquerade in a neon pink dress.I almost cried as the rain starting falling in church but thank God it stopped before church closed or else peeps I’d have ended up with a shrunken fro.Does anyone carry a shower cap around?
    I’m tempted to share it now but…..I’ve gotta do a pictorial first & of course hide my new dress from my lil sister.Imagine being almost the same dress size as your 10year old sis……

Β Β Β Β  My hair will stay in this bun till…I don’t know but for a while.I’ve decided to try & blog at least twice a week (because of school) but I want to be consistent.

Do stay tuned for the pictorial πŸ™‚

How did you wear your hair today? Do share!

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