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Solutions For Flaky/Stiff Styling Creams And Gels

Solutions to flaky styling gels

   I’ve seen a lot of people having problems with gels and styling creams,so I decided to write this to wrap up this week’s posts

Let’s start with styling gels

   When I was relaxed,I used black gels,which made my hair very stiff.I couldn’t comb my hair after except I washed it off.I thought it was normal and correct. When I returned natural,I totally avoided gels & activators of all kinds.

     Most gels leave flakes & residue on hair after drying.Some provide hold but makes our hair stiff & plastered to our scalp. I hate all these problems & didn’t want to risk my hair breaking like a twig.
    I don’t recommend black gels.A colourless gel is better.These solutions are very easy & your choice depends on you.

Solutions to gels that flake & make hair stiff.

1) Make a curling pudding with the gel.

See my post How to make a curling pudding from just 3 basic ingredients you already have. It leaves your hair moisturized while still providing hold.

2) Add an oil:

Favorites include olive,coconut & castor oil among others.An oil prevents your hair from drying out.Few gels like ecostlyer gel with olive oil,comes with an oil.If yours doesn’t,just add an oil.

No 2 is ideal for those whose hair gets weighed down with too much products & need light products.

3) Add an humectant (honey,aloe vera,glycerin) to keep your hair moisturized not dry.

4) Spray a leave in or water first.This will provide a good surface for the gel & lay your hair.The gel will do it’s thing while your hair stays moisturized. The leave in will also cause residue to dissapear once dry.

For styling creams/puddings:

1) If you have more than one,try combining them.Some naturals get their perfect styling cream after mixing two different ones.It’s all about trial & error.

2) Add an humectant like glycerin to prevent your hair from drying out.

This is for all styling products in general

Dump it

Why? If your product clearly negatively affects your hair no matter the different states of your hair each time,how you use it,what you use it after/before etc it might be time to move on for the sake of your hair.

For example; Why waste time with a product that always dries out your hair & makes it seem you need a deep condition after?

I personally haven’t bought a curling pudding/cream or styling cream before.Only black & colourless gels.My diy curling pudding does the job so no need 🙂

There we go,gotta go & moisturize this baby….Have a great weekend y’all! I wanna read like 4 books tomorrow & watch movies,so no posting till Sunday or after.Do Miss me.

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What is your favourite styling cream?

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