How to make a curling pudding

How to make a curling pudding

   Hi! I’m all jumpy & happy to post this because it’s an holy grail for me! (An holy grail in natural hair lingo means a product that you can’t do without,a must have for you!)….plus I’ll be referring to it a lot & it’s very simple,cheap and doesn’t spoil like some diys.

    A curly pudding or cream or whatever we choose to call it,is a product that provides hold for hairstyles like twists for twist outs,braids for braid outs,it enhances your curls,it lays your edges(say what!? Lol),it is your ticket for a wash and go etc…..But the problems with curly creams in stores are;

1)They are too expensive

2)The product that says max hold,may only hold your hair for 5mins to an hour.who has experienced this?

3)I haven’t even seen any in Nigeria(eg kinky curly custard),just lotions and gels that claim to provide ‘hold’ and work only on fine and relaxed hair not kinky hair like mine.

    So as usual I went web surfing last year,and saw the light!

    If you’ve tried using only Shea butter  for a twist out or edges & it didn’t work,or you used only a gel for your edges or twists and it either got flaky or didn’t even hold at all,then this recipe is for you.


1)A colourless gel

2)Shea butter (please forsake those Shea butters in fancy packs with funny ingredients even fragrance and get raw unrefined Shea butter)

3)Olive oil or castor oil


1)Melt your Shea butter.Do not melt till everything turns to oil. Just melt a little till soft then mix or whisk your Shea butter till no lump remains.If your Shea butter isn’t hard,no need to melt it,just mix till its fluffy.

2)Add the Shea butter to your gel a little at a time & mix till you reach the consistency you like.

3)Add a tsp of oil and mix till everything is distributed equally.

I didn’t measure mine,but I used more gel than Shea butter & 1 spoon of oil.I got this



p style=”text-align:left;”>Always do a batch test,if the Shea butter is too much,add more gel and vice versa.


1) If your hair loves honey or glycerin,or you want your hair to stay moisturized,you can add honey or glycerin. I added a very little amount of glycerin later.Don’t add too much or else if there’s high humidity (spring/raining season) your twists will quickly lose definition and get all poofy.

2) If your hair doesn’t like heavy products,go less on the shea butter.

I love this curling pudding because it doesn’t flake & it keeps my hair moisturized & not stiff. I think I’ll do a twist out with this soon,it’s been a while.
     Please drop a feedback when you attempt it.My 1st attempt didn’t give me much hold,but my second attempt nailed my kinky hair, it’s all about trial and error,no one is perfect.

     What is your favourite styling cream?


10 thoughts on “How to make a curling pudding

  1. When you say colorless gel what do you mean? It’s probably an obvious answer but I’m going to make this tonight and I want to make sure I can use my Eco Ilove oil gel


    1. Hi! I meant a clear gel you can see through.I’ve seen some eco styler gels with colours but you can still see through them so they are ok.But I do not recommend those gels that are thoroughly black,hope your curling pudding turns out awesome!!


    1. lol 3k is big cash oh, you’re welcome. I’ll do a post on natural hair on a budget soon. Glad I could help! Do tell us how your curling pudding turned out when you’re done.


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