My Wash Day Routine


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We all know that I don’t follow strict natural hair routines because my day to day hair life is different and I adjust accordingly.

Each wash day isn’t the same because the conditions leading to them aren’t the same.


I might just feel like washing my hair with just my black soap, regular conditioner and applying an oil after. A very simple wash day.

Another time, my hair might be really dry and in need of some TLC so I’ll pre-poo, wash, deep condition and moisturize or I’ll deep condition, wash and moisturize.

You can see that I go with different variations depending on what mood I’m in or what my hair needs.

On this particular wash day, I decided that I wanted to end up with my 4c hair very defined without the general ‘applying lots of gel to dripping wet hair and dealing with shrinkage’ process.

Here’s how I went about it.


I put my hair into 4 twists, sprayed each section with my leave in conditioner and detangled with a wide tooth comb.


I shampooed with my dudu osun black soap .

Deep conditioning:

I applied my organics hair mayonnaise by Africa’s best and covered my hair with a shower cap for about 15 minutes.


After drying my hair, I applied Emily millionaire’s coconut oil and herbs to my hair as a moisturizer then I did 10 braids.


The braids did the trick. When I took down the braids, my natural coils were very defined and I got a beautiful faux wash and go look.

You can definitely try this out and use the hash tag #glamnaturalfriday on instagram to show off your hair and get featured on Fridays.

What is your wash day routine?

4 thoughts on “My Wash Day Routine”

  1. hello u should put ur hair story or were u always a natural……….is the emily millionaire really working cause i just got it and what is ur take on hair wonder………..i’ave never tried any style because i was alwaays in school but naw i just started taking proper care ……..seriously i really need ur quick replies

    Liked by 1 person

      1. thank you so much but pls can you share other product with me because i think am on the right track…….ps my hair is not full what do you think is the cause?

        Liked by 1 person

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