Twisted Bun Tutorial

Twisted side bun on natural hair

    Hi pple! It’s kinda cold over here,so because of the high humidity, I’ve been protective styling to prevent reversion.

    I loveee pictorials.As a teen with natural hair,i love trying & looking for simple & quick no fuss hairstyles
I made a pictorial of an hairstyle i did.I call it a twist bun.The pictorial shows how to go from a puff to a bun look with twists.



p style=”text-align:left;”>Tools: Bobby pins & hair band(elastic).

1) Put hair in a puff,side or center.I did side.

2) Twist it up.

3) Gather the ends of the twists and pin in the middle.Adjust with Bobby pins.

4) Lift it up for volume.
      Spice it up with an accessory eg bandana,scarf,hair clip etc & be awesome.It’s very easy, quick & can be done anywhere.
     I totally love this hairstyle! Easy to do and beautiful.Do attempt it & drop a feedback.More hairstyles coming up!

    Pls drop any questions you may have in the comment box & I’ll surely get back to you.

PS: Please pray for me to find coconut oil oh,searched 3 supermarkets and there all out of stock,will continue the search tomorrow, wish me luck!

    Share a hairstyle tutorial with us at & I’ll post it.

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