The Complete Natural Hair Guide To Deep Conditioning


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Being a student and a teen with natural hair isn’t always easy. Sometimes I forget to do things my hair loves like deep conditioning because I can’t seem to find time to spare. That’s one of the problems most naturals face ‘no time to spare’.

So what can we do when we see our hair going dull, dry, hard, brittle, lifeless? When that leave in conditioner isn’t making a difference and deep down our hearts we know our hair needs extra TLC but we are just too tired, lazy or busy?

The answer is to deep condition when you’re occupied.

imageLazy natural hair routineLazy natural hair routineLazy natural hair routineLazy natural hair routine

Lazy natural hair routine

What do I mean?

You can do a dc when your preparing a quick breakfast, doing the laundry, reading a book, etc.

I don’t have a staple hair regimen because each week isn’t the same, so I squeeze deep conditioning into any time I’ll be occupied and ound out that this works best for me.

Even something as simple as coconut or olive oil can serve as a deep conditioner.

Just throw on a shower cap and do whatever you wanted to do.

You can also use a leave in conditioner

Just applied your leave in? Wear a shower cap/hair bonnet for extra effects.

An advantage of doing this is that you’ll get to know how many minutes or hours it takes for your own hair to be deep conditioned.

Some people’s hair are OK with just 15mins of deep conditioning, others need to spend more than an hour or overnight before their hair is really deep conditioned.

If you’re not comfortable with a showercap, a satin bonnet is OK.

Some people like using a water based deep conditioner, some apply the deep conditioner to damp hair while others apply their deep conditioners to dry hair.

When I was relaxed, I never deep conditioned and I learnt it late when I returned natural & it has really helped. My 4c hair loves moisture & a dc is a great way to give it plenty. Remember to put your hair’s health before length.

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How do you deep condition?


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